XOXO Rosalea


XOXO Rosalea

Celebrate the season of love with this charming, Rosalea plant. These cheerful blooms and hidden message 'XOXO' engraved in the opening of the pot, are sure to brighten that special someone's day.


  • This plant is approximately 14“ tall.
  • Comes in a footed white and pink ombre textured ceramic pot with an engraved heart and 'XOXO' engraved in the opening of the pot.
  • Care Tips: Place your plant in indirect sun to partial shade. Water thoroughly when the surface is dry to the touch, atleast once a week. Keep soil evenly moist, but avoid over–watering.
  • This item is not available for delivery to Hawaii or Alaska.
  • This plant is pet friendly
ITEM: #P4199