Indoor Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai


Indoor Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai

Interested in bonsai but not sure where to start? Begin here. These attractive; fuss-free trees sport shiny; compact leaves and often; multiple trunks. Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella trees are among the easiest to maintain and perform well in low light environments. These are superb choices for homes and offices with windows that don't receive direct sunlight. Ideal with 8" Humidity Tray


  • Pot Dimensions: 2.8" H X 6.5" D
  • Overall Plant Height: 8-10" H
  • Tray, ceramic container that may vary in color, and decorative stones are included
  • Arrives ready to assemble
  • Care Tips:the only bonsai that can survive inside are the tropical varieties like the Umbreallas and ficus. They are able to exchange foliage and survive but even these do best outdoors in warm weather
  • This plant is suitable both indoors and outdoors, depending on climate


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