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Apology Flowers

Say it like you mean it – “I'm Sorry” – with a selection from our Collection of I'm Sorry flowers. Apology flowers make apologies easy, but nonetheless sincere.

Saying "I'm Sorry" with Flowers

If you need a thoughtful and generous way to say, ?I’m Sorry? ProFlowers has dozens of gorgeous apology flowers and bouquets. Whether you choose the beautiful vase of Stargazer Lilies or maybe a stunning mixed flower arrangement, featuring different tones of pink and purple, you just can’t go wrong!   With so many color and design possibilities, choosing the best apology flowers you are sure to find the right bouquet to win her over. There are absolutely striking shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, blue, purple, indigo, violet, and even white, cream and blush, too. Of course you wouldn’t send brown flowers, but how about a little something in the rich shade of chocolate? We’re talking about hand-dipped, gourmet chocolate berries and cookies. They are absolutely mouthwatering good. She won’t be able to resist forgiving you.   Saying sorry with flowers has come a long way; you can now pair your arrangement with a chocolate gifts, gift baskets or even send a special wreath! Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has delicious treats and ProFlowers offers these tasty bite-sized wonders for a fantastic price; so if you’ve hurt someone’s feelings, send a sweet apology across those miles and say, "I love you!"   If you’re not one to say sorry with flowers, we have plenty of other gift ideas for you. A farm fresh fruit gift basket filled with all kinds of tasty fruit and treats is the perfect choice. With fruits and chocolates flowing, you will be back in your special someone’s good graces before you know it!