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Mother’s Day Lilies & Lily Bouquets

Lilies are one of the most common flowers given on Mother's Day. Their unique yet classic shapes and colorful petals make Mother's Day lilies a perfect way to recognize everything your one-of-a-kind mom has done for you. Whether you're looking to surprise your wife on Sunday morning or you want to remind mom you're thinking of her from afar, we have a stunning selection of Mother's Day lily bouquets online and ready for delivery!

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Mother’s Day Lilies FAQs

What Does it Mean to Have Mother's Day Lilies Delivered?

Mother's Day flowers are above all about recognizing the important women in your life and showing them how much you value all they do for you. What better way to convey your appreciation for someone so special than with an artful arrangement of equally remarkable flowers? These uniquely beautiful flowers are often associated with devotion and purity, though the type and color of lily given can change their meaning. When included in a Mother's Day bouquet, lilies are taken to symbolize devotion and motherhood.

What Do Different Lilies Symbolize?

Sometimes a bouquet of vibrant flowers is enough to lift your spirits by itself, and not every arrangement needs to have a particular symbolic meaning. However, if you want to design a custom Mother's Day lily arrangement, you can tailor the types and colors of lilies you include to convey a more specific message.

  • White Lilies - White typically represents purity, innocence, and virtue, perfect for a Mother's Day bouquet delivery for a new or soon-to-be mom.

  • Pink Lilies - Often called Stargazer lilies for their outward blooming petals, these bright pink flowers convey a sense of appreciation and admiration, whether given by themselves or used to accent a multi-colored bouquet.

  • Red Lilies - Lilies with a deeper red color can be a unique and unexpected choice for a Mother's Day bouquet for your wife or significant other. As with more traditional romance flowers like roses, red lilies represent love and passion.

  • Orange Lilies - Sometimes called tiger lilies, these uniquely shaped, brightly colored blooms are considered symbols of wealth in some cultures due to how rare they are. In addition to making a striking visual statement, they can convey a sense of deep respect and value toward the recipient.

  • Calla Lilies - While not technically a "real" type of lily, calla lilies offer another option for adding an elegant, regal touch to a Mother's Day bouquet. Yellow calla lilies represent gratitude, making them a great way to show your mom or wife how thankful you are for all she does for you and your family.

Are lilies good for Mother's Day?

You can’t go wrong with sending lilies for Mother’s Day! They are big and beautiful flowers with a lovely fragrance that come in a wide range of styles and colors. Opt for a single or multi-color bunch and show your mom just how much she means to you. Mother’s Day flower lilies are also a great choice in a mixed bouquet with some of your mom’s other favorite flowers. Whatever you decide, we’re sure you’ll find something that will light up her day and make her feel truly special.

If you're looking for something long-lasting, then why not check out our Mother’s Day plants? We offer a range of lilies, including Calla lilies which feature a stunning seamless rolled petal with graceful upward-reaching leaves. Our serene Peace Lily plants are also another great choice that provide a beautiful gift your mother can enjoy for years to come.

Do lilies represent motherhood?

Lilies typically represent purity or devotion, although the type of lily, as well as the color, can offer slightly different meanings. In history, lilies are associated with the Greek myth of Hera and Zeus, and are often believed to represent motherhood, birth, and femininity. The lily is associated with devotion and commitment, which sends a beautiful message to your mother this Mother's Day to show how much you appreciate all she does for you.

Daylilies are also an emblem for mothers in many Asian cultures. This flower is beautiful and comes in a variety of vivid colors, including stunning yellow and oranges so you can select a vibrant bouquet to light up your mom’s special day.

Mother’s Day tulips are another great option and come in a wide range of colors for you to choose. If you’re looking for something for your wife on Mother’s Day then red tulips are a great choice, signifying romance and passion. These are great when paired with Mother’s Day chocolates to show how much you care. Pink tulips can be a great gift choice from children to their moms, as they are playful and cute and relate to the joy of motherhood.

Find Happy Mother’s Day Lilies Online With Proflowers

Whether you're looking for flowers to show mom your appreciation or remind your wife you love her, their face will light up at the sight of a lily bouquet delivered just in time for Mother's Day. Combine an arrangement of eye-catching flowers with a Mother's Day gift basket full of relaxing spa items or sweet treats she'll love. Depending on your area, we can even have select Mother's Day lilies delivered same-day straight to your door!

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