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Kosher Desserts

ProFlowers offers wonderful kosher gift ideas and options year around. From Passover to Rosh Hashanah, we have certified kosher dairy desserts such as cakes, cookies and brownies.

Kosher Year Round

ProFlowers is passionate about offering the widest selection of the best products to all of our customers. We deliver kosher foods and desserts year round so you can keep kosher for events like birthdays and anniversaries, or times when you want to say get well or good luck. From sugar free desserts, to chocolate torte, to toffee, it couldn’t be easier to send kosher food online with ProFlowers wide selection of kosher gift ideas. Looking for a way to express your gratitude? Try sending a kosher chocolate cake that is made with scrumptious layers of chocolate cream and glaze. Or send a box of assorted chocolates for those times when you just want to say hi. No matter when you want to send a gift, ProFlowers will have something amazing available.   ProFlowers certified kosher products are the perfect way to complete your feast when celebrating any Jewish holiday. Observing Passover? ProFlowers has kosher gifts for Passover so you can eat, give and receive delicious delicacies like cookies, fudge, and brownies on this Jewish holiday. If you’re looking for kosher Rosh Hashanah gifts, then send the certified to eat Rocky Mountain assorted chocolates, all natural brownie cookie medley, and more. Any one of ProFlowers’ delicious kosher gifts is the perfect way to finish off the holiday or celebration feast.   Whether they’re close or far, ProFlowers gives you the option to send kosher gourmet desserts and kosher gift baskets to anyone, any time of year. You can count on us to deliver your gift on time and ready to enjoy.