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Sweetest Day Flowers

Be the sweetest one around. Have Sweetest Day Gifts and Sweetest Day Flowers delivered and let those special someones in your life know how much you care.

ProFlowers Celebrates Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day is always observed on the third Saturday of October and ProFlowers has a whole host of romantic gifts for your sweetie. Having something sweet delivered on Sweetest Day has been an American tradition since 1921. Today, that’s usually done by ordering Sweetest Day flowers and Sweetest Day gifts online from a company such as ProFlowers. But the day itself was started by a group of civic-minded confectioners and movie stars. It’s been honored on the third Saturday of October every year since the newsboys of Cleveland, Ohio received sweets to thank them for their dependable service.  
Why Sweetest Day Flowers and Sweetest Day Gifts? Used by many over the years as an opportunity to shower gifts on the less fortunate, usually those whose circumstances don’t lend themselves to luxuries such as fresh flowers or fine chocolates, the day is also a chance to express true love and affection between sweethearts and family members by sending Sweetest Day Flowers and Sweetest Day Gifts. At ProFlowers, we see Sweetest Day as a time to let your heart be your guide as to whom you wish to show affection with something from our amazing collection of Sweetest Day Flowers and Sweetest Day Gifts. Your spouse? Most definitely. Your housekeeper? Of course. Your parents and grandparents? You really should. All the kids down at your local Boys & Girls Club? If you can, why not?