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Peony Bouquets & Flowers

Peony bouquets are a lovely way to show a friend or loved one that you’re thinking of them. From classic pink and white to more exotic hues like coral and mahogany, these blooms are bursting with personality, color, and fragrance, and sure to bring a smile to your special someone’s face. Send peonies today to brighten someone’s day or plan ahead for your big day. Whatever you need, ProFlowers has you covered with fast, high-quality flower delivery and an assortment of arrangements to choose from.

How long do peonies last in a bouquet?

Typically, peony bouquets can last about five to seven days. As with most bouquets, making your peonies last is all about proper care. Here’s how to make your peony bouquet last:
  • Before you place your bouquet in water, cut the stems at an angle.
  • Replace the water every two days.
  • Store your peonies in the fridge overnight.
Whether you plan your peony flower delivery ahead or send them the same-day, you can rest assured that you or your recipient will be pleased by the quality of our flowers.

Are peonies good for wedding bouquets?  

Yes, peonies are a popular flower for wedding bouquets. This likely because, in addition to their beauty, they symbolize love and happiness. With their links to Greek mythology, they have grown to become synonymous with good fortune and prosperity. So, if you’re considering a peony bouquet, you can rest assured that they’re the perfect flower to accompany you when saying your vows.   And, these colorful flowers come in a broad spectrum of hues to perfectly match your theme. Whether you’ve dreamed of classic blushing pink flowers, romantic red peonies, or even a joyous yellow arrangement, peonies can bring your vision to life.   Order your peonies delivery today with ProFlowers for beautiful, fresh flowers brought straight to the door. Have another bloom in mind for your arrangement or gift delivery? Don’t worry, ProFlowers is your go-to source for vibrant flowers and lively plants, from roses delivery for your partner to succulent delivery for your boss’ birthday. And, if you need them today, that’s no problem either. Don’t make a run to the grocery store for sub-par flowers, we offer quick and easy same-day delivery for last minute arrangements that are carefully designed and made to last! One things for sure, both you and your recipient will be happy you ordered through ProFlowers!