These Chrysanthemum (Mum) studded flower arrangements, reveal an explosion in every bouquet – just like fireworks – making for the perfect surprise bouquet. Send some today!

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Sending Chrysanthemum with ProFlowers

Send chrysanthemum flower arrangements and no matter what, they’re surefire "forget me nots!" chrysanthemums are usually considered perennials. However, if you wish to grow chrysanthemum plants in your area as perennials, select an appropriate cultivar. Your local county extension can offer advice in this matter. A spring planting is best, as it gives the chrysanthemum flowers time to become established before winter.   Buy mums online today and you’ll have to take your pick; there are so many different types of mums available at! All deliveries will arrive fresh to your recipient’s doorstep (or yours!), ready to bloom so they provide long-lasting enjoyment through their entire lifecycle.   All of our beautiful chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors. From the whitest white and off-white shades, yellow and gold hues, to bronze and red tones and even including striking tones of burgundy, pink, lavender and purple. Proflowers is also well recognized for its fall and holiday themed centerpieces! Their glowing mum petals provide a perfect backdrop for any dinner feast and act as a great addition to your other autumn decorations with their rich hues of gold, bronze, yellow, and orange.   In landscaping, chrysanthemums are valued for the fact that they bloom in fall, hence, helping you to achieve four-season interest in your yard. They look best planted in a mass and surrounded by other similar colors (but for health, don't overcrowd). Chrysanthemum flowers are also a favorite of florists for ?Anytime? and fall holiday arrangements, due to, again, the longevity of the beauty’s blooms.