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Chocolate Covered Fruit Delivery

Unforgettable gifts don’t have to last lifetimes, only the memories of them do; and that’s why we recommend dipped strawberries from ProFlowers. We also have dipped cherries, apples and other fresh fruit covered in absolute goodness.

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Inexpensive Chocolate Gifts

How sweet it is to bite into a fresh piece of fruit that is perfectly crisp, juicy and ripe. There is no better place to get them than at ProFlowers, your online shopping haven for magnificent gifting ideas for everyone in your life. Send happiness when you have high quality chocolate dipped fruit delivered for your loved one’s housewarming party, as a thank you gift, or simply to show how much you love and appreciate them. Everyone will love our famous hand-dipped strawberries, sweet cherries and other delicious treats.   Need a great way to say thank you to your child’s teacher? Send a dark chocolate chip apple. This new spin on an old gifting tradition will have him or her ready to start the new school year! In the market for a sweet treat a man can appreciate? Try sending a selection of snacks that features a mix of fruit and nuts with chocolate cherries, chocolate blueberries and milk chocolate almonds. Selecting only our own farm fresh fruit and tasty dipping recipes for these gifts, ProFlowers’ chocolate dipped fruit baskets are full of crisp, juicy flavor.   But we’re not done yet. ProFlowers also offers a number of beautiful flowers and chocolate that combine our popular chocolate dipped strawberries with an amazing bouquet of flowers for a truly unique gift.   Fresh from the farm chocolate covered fruit is here at ProFlowers and they’re just the thing to send when you want to wish someone to have a delightful day. Finding your ideal gift can be inexpensive and still fantastic when you shop our chocolate dipped fruit arrangements that are available for under $40. Just look at our options that will satisfy both your wallet and a sweet tooth when you shop quality gifts such as 10 cherries and a half dozen dipped berries, 6 gourmet dipped cocktail berries, or even 4 hand-dipped apples all for this low price.