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Bulb Gardens & Kits

Our bulb gardens arrive ready to bloom so that your recipient may watch them burst to life in front of their eyes. These gifts will delight your loved one day after day. 

Bulb Garden Plants

Bulb garden plants are great for your loved one with a green thumb. Our bulb kits are easy to plant and we provide everything to help it grow. With all the types of bulb gardens we offer, you can find the perfect plant gift for any gardener.   Our bulb kits are easy to plant, so they make thoughtful gifts for a budding gardener. We provide everything too. We send a bulb, potting soil, a pot, and instructions together, and the recipient just plants the bulb and then watches it bloom. Bulbs usually bloom within 2-6 weeks. And if you transplant it after it has grown awhile, than you can enjoy your beautiful bulb indefinitely!   Know someone trying to start a little garden? Then they would love our Year of Seeds. This features 12 colorful windowsill-sized pots and 12 packets of easy-to-grow seeds. They can grow them all at once, or one at a time. Or if you would rather surprise your green thumbed friend with a monthly gift, send our 12 Months of Bulbs, in which each month a different sprouting blub is delivered to their door. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! We've carefully selected beautiful blooms for our potted bulb gardens, so they are rewarding gifts. Send your loved ones bulb garden plants from ProFlowers, and they're sure to enjoy your thoughtfulness.