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Mother's Day Carnations

Mother’s Day is almost here; have you found a gift for your mom, step-mom, or mother-in-law? If not, don’t stress—we have just the thing to knock the socks off of all the moms in your life. Our Mother’s Day carnation flowers are the perfect gift for any mom this spring. After all, spring and flowers go hand in hand. Get your mom the gift she deserves and surprise her with a stunning bouquet of vibrant carnations.

Mother's Day Carnation Flowers

If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year, why not go with carnations for Mom? Spring is the perfect season for luscious, aromatic carnations in a variety of hues. If your mother is the type to appreciate a beautiful, fresh bouquet of pink or white carnations, don’t hesitate to have an arrangement delivered straight to her door. Your mom will be blown away by your thoughtful gift. After all, Mother’s Day carnations are often chosen as the best flowers for Mother’s Day by our customers.

Carnations For Mother's Day

Mom and flowers go hand in hand — it’s tradition! Sunflowers are cheerful and roses are romantic, but carnations continue to be one of the best gifts to give. In fact, they are the second most popular cut flower next to roses. There is a right flower for every setting and special occasion; Mother’s Day carnations are the perfect gift for this holiday during the spring season. Don’t send your mother just any bouquet of flowers—get her a Mother’s Day carnation arrangement brimming with frills that are sure to make a strong and heartfelt impression. This important holiday only comes once a year so don’t miss the opportunity to show your appreciation; with Mother’s Day flower same day delivery, you can show her just how much you care—even if the holiday snuck up on you. 

Meaning of Carnations for Mother's Day

Carnations grow in a wide variety of colors and ProFlowers offers most of them to choose from for Mom. While you should give her a Mother’s Day carnation bouquet in her favorite color, don’t forget about the different meanings of the colors. For instance, what’s the meaning of white carnations? Nothing is as pure as white, which is why white carnations mean pure love and luck. Likewise, there’s nothing purer than a mother’s love and you’re always lucky to have it. No matter what color or colors your Mother’s Day carnation bouquet features, gifting one to your mom, mother-in-law or stepmother is a symbol of fascination, distinction, and love. Carnations are one of the oldest cultivated flowers with a rich and colorful history. It’s been said that the carnation or dianthus, derives its name from the Greek meaning of “heavenly flower,” making it the “flower of the Gods.” It’s no wonder carnations are often worn on special occasions and dubbed the official flower of Mother’s Day.

Get Her a Mother's Day Carnation Bouquet

How many times has your mom spoiled you? Send her a lovely Mother’s Day carnation arrangement of pink or white, or a mixed bouquet featuring carnations and other beautiful flowers to let her know how much you love and appreciate everything she’s done for you. It’s going to be a carnation Mother’s Day this spring, so don’t miss out on these incredible floral arrangements!