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Tropical Flowers & Exotic Flower Arrangements

Known for their vibrant colors and health-promoting benefits, tropical flower bouquets are a favorite for any occasion when you want to give someone a unique floral gift – or if you just want to spruce up your own office or home decor. All of our exotic flowers are sourced directly from an eco-friendly tropical flower farm that places a spotlight on incredible, long-lasting blooms like birds of paradise, heliconia stems, and so much more. Browse the amazing selection of exotic flower arrangements here at Proflowers, and order online now to have your tropical flower delivery sent anywhere throughout the U.S.

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Tropical Flowers & Exotic Flower Arrangements FAQs

What Are Some Tropical Flowers?

Tropical flowers get their namesake from being native to tropical areas located near the Earth’s equator, including countries like Ecuador or Indonesia. These countries produce exotic flowers (well, ‘exotic’ to North Americans, at least!) that include birds of paradise, anthurium, amaryllis, heliconia, and hibiscus blooms. While some of these blooms and other exotic flowers can be cultivated and grown in greenhouses anywhere in the world, these flowers grow exclusively as a native species in tropical locations due to their need for a warmer climate. Here at Proflowers, we work directly with an Ecuadorian flower farm that provides us with our beautiful array of tropical blooms, some of which can be ordered and delivered as soon as the next day.

What is the Most Beautiful Tropical Flower?

Well, many would say that the bird of paradise is the most beautiful tropical flower, due to its unique shape and incredible color. However, there are so many blooms to choose from, and it’s up to you to truly decide which is the most beautiful! Some of our favorites are the aforementioned bird of paradise, as well as amaryllis, hibiscus, and, of course, the orchid. Browse our selection of exotic tropical flower bouquets and choose the most beautiful arrangement yourself. Then, order tropical flower delivery with us!

How Long do Tropical Flowers Last?

One of the most incredible things about tropical flowers is that they can actually thrive in a vase for even up to 14 days, which exceeds the typical length of most standard flowers. Some delicate types do last up to seven days, but hardier types can last 8-14 days. Some blooms like proteas or heliconia can last even longer! In order to keep your exotic flowers lasting longer, you should provide them with fresh water and misting, and avoid keeping them in heat sources.

Order Tropical Flower Delivery with Proflowers

Proflowers is a leading flower delivery company here in the U.S., providing customers with amazing products that range from old standards like rose bouquets to exotic arrangements filled with tropical flowers. Shop all flower bouquets to find even more arrangements that may be just what you need to make this next occasion even more special.