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Thanksgiving Plants

Thanksgiving is all about celebrating gratitude. Get in the seasonal spirit by showing someone how much they mean to you with a beautiful thanksgiving plant delivery from ProFlowers.

What type of Thanksgiving plants does ProFlowers offer?

ProFlowers’ collection of thanksgiving plants is home to a vast variety of different floral bouquets, potted flowers, and stunning centerpieces. No matter who you’re shopping for, your recipient is bound to adore the curated masterpiece they receive at their doorstep.   Choose from gorgeous assortments of roses, calla lilies, irises, sunflowers, daisies, and more. Our autumn bouquets feature vibrantly colored stems that will add a tasteful splash of life to any Thanksgiving collection.

How do you decorate a table for Thanksgiving?

The thanksgiving feast itself is half the battle—figuring out how to assemble the perfect dinner display is where the creative juices come into play. If you’re having a hard time creating a seamless color palette or scratching your head trying to settle on the right flowers, let us do the heavy lifting.   ProFlowers’ Thanksgiving plant delivery service allows you to select your favorite fall plants online and order them for delivery straight to your doorstep. Between our green plants and our extravagant multi-colored floral centerpieces, we’ve got your decor duties covered.

Who should I deliver Thanksgiving plants to?

If you’re planning on sending plants for Thanksgiving, it’s a smart idea to figure out your recipient list first. Who are you grateful for in your life? Think parents, in-laws, and grandparents—people who have spent much of their lives ensuring you live comfortably and happily. What about your spouse? Your husband or wife will surely appreciate the gesture of a Thanksgiving plant. Attending a Thanksgiving feast at someone else’s house? Make the host feel appreciate for their hard work by sending a Thanksgiving plant delivery to their doorstep.

What are the best plants for Thanksgiving?

The best plants for Thanksgiving are the ones that are selected with love. From our Pumpkin Spice bouquet to our pretty potted fall plants, these gorgeous assortments reflect the shades of the season and bring all of the aromatic nostalgia of Thanksgivings past.