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Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Our Thanksgiving bouquets create the perfect centerpieces for the season’s bountiful tabletops. From festive to traditional, our flowers are a fresh addition for any family’s home.

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Thanksgiving Centerpieces FAQs

Nothing brings together a bountiful Thanksgiving spread like a beautiful floral centerpiece. Proflowers makes beautiful flower baskets, bouquets, and cornucopia that you can place in the center of your feast. They serve as a reminder to be grateful for all of life’s bounties, and also add to the aesthetic of your sumptuous meal. Find the perfect autumn flowers or basket for your family’s centerpiece to make this Thanksgiving one to remember.  

What is a Thanksgiving centerpiece called?

The traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece is called a cornucopia, sometimes also referred to as a Horn of Plenty. In ancient Greece and Rome, the cornucopia was associated with a nourishment and a bountiful harvest. That that’s still true today  as families across America adorn their tables with Thanksgiving floral centerpieces, or cornucopia filled with fruits and Thanksgiving treats.

Proflowers is proud to continue the tradition of the cornucopia. We offer a traditional horn of plenty shaped basket filled with gorgeous autumn flowers as well as modern takes on the traditional design, featuring geometric pottery and succulents that make striking choices for your Thanksgiving table arrangement.  

What flowers do you use for a Thanksgiving centerpiece?

The best flowers for a Thanksgiving centerpiece are those that reflect the vibrant hues of the leaves outside. These include golden sunflowers, fiery orange roses, and playful auburn daisies. The chill in the air, the shorter days, and the golden, red, and orange leaves are all staples of the season. No Thanksgiving flower centerpiece is complete without a nod to these quintessential fall themes. For a fun, unique option, consider complementing your orange flower arrangements with joyful yellow roses. Orange lilies, sunflowers, yellow roses, and bronze chrysanthemums all reflect the bounty of fall.  

How do you decorate for Thanksgiving?

Decorations for Thanksgiving are simple, understated, and filled with warm, rich hues. Proflowers’ fall flowers,  autumnal arrangements, and Thanksgiving fresh flower centerpieces make the perfect addition to the fall wreaths, checkered tablecloths, and warm sweaters you’ll start seeing around your home come November. Proflowers’ bouquets are so fresh, you might even consider leaving your centerpiece on the table for a few days after Thanksgiving as a reminder of the bountiful feast. Plus, if you’ve brought out other autumnal decorations, a beautiful cornucopia is sure to tie everything together until it’s time for winter décor.