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Plant Gifts

Our assortment of fresh plants changes with the season, making your gift that much more special. From springtime bulb gardens to preserved autumnal wreaths, these plants prove that it’s always the season for giving. 

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Looking for the perfect way to brighten that special someone’s day? Did you know that greenery can reduce stress, clean the air, and can boost people’s moods? A potted or hanging plant makes a great gift to let someone know you’re thinking of them. At ProFlowers, we’re proud to offer a premier selection of stylish plants that are available in vibrant variations. 

What plants can be given as gifts?

Virtually any potted plant can be given as a gift, but popular options include bamboo, orchids, snake plants, and lilies. Of course, succulents are especially trendy right now too! When choosing your plant gift delivery, think about the recipient’s style and preferences, what seasonal plants are in right now, and where they could be placed — especially if you’re considering something like a spider plant that will likely spread out, or one with a stand that takes up more space.

What occasions should I gift a plant?

There’s no shortage of opportunities to send a plant gift. From housewarming flowers to congratulating a friend on a new job, plants like lucky bamboo are the perfect way to mark new beginnings. Give mom a plant that’s as beautiful as she is by sending a potted calla lily, colorful zinnia garden wreath, or sunny yellow kalanchoe. Graduations, anniversaries, and thank you’s are all also great reasons to send a unique plant gift.
You can give a plant for any occasion you would give flowers or want to recognize someone. Sometimes it’s fun to send yourself or your sweetheart a surprise just because

When should I gift a plant instead of a bouquet?

In some cases, you may prefer to give plants instead of flower bouquets, like when sending your condolences. While flowers are perfectly fine to send someone who is grieving, a green plant like our guardian angel tree will thrive for longer, be easier to take care of, and will stand out from the many blue, white, and purple arrangements they’ve surely received.
If you’re looking for plant gifts for a friend who doesn’t necessarily have a green thumb or who has allergies, a succulent is probably the best option for them. A plant that’s mostly greenery may also be seen as more appropriate for a boss or someone you aren’t especially close to. Of course, that isn’t to say that you can’t choose something with a pop of color, just stay away from the romantic red roses that are part of your standard delivery.Our plants feature the freshest, most vibrant blooms paired with beautifully crafted macrame hangers or decorative pots that you’ll surely want to keep. Schedule your next plant gift delivery with ProFlowers for a quick and easy experience!