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Send Monochromatic Flowers Online

While multi-colored flower bouquets are stunning, sending monochromatic bouquets can also make a bold statement. They can turn up the charm in any modern, minimalistic place. Color blocking and monochromatic flowers have always been a trend. If you or your recipient have a favorite color, we have a variety of colors available for delivery that they will love.

Imagine a solid pink bouquet in a bright space or a solid white bouquet among a sea of color. Monochromatic flowers are absolute perfection when it comes to complementing interiors. They will definitely stand out and be on trend.

Monochromatic Flowers for Men

Did you know that if you’re looking to send flowers to men, monochromatic is the way to go? That’s right, it’s okay to send flowers to men. Times are changing and men deserve to be surprised with love, too. Choose a “masculine” monochromatic bouquet, like orchid bouquets in white or purple. Or even a robust sunflower bouquet is often a good monochromatic flower for guys.

Contemporary flower arrangements with strong, clean lines and natural styles are great gifts for both men and women who like to keep things modern and simple. Find monochromatic flowers online here at ProFlowers and order yours today!