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American Flowers

Crafting the freshest bouquets means using buds and blooms immediately after picking. What better way to ensure freshness than buying homegrown, American flowers? Proflowers is proud to work with florists across the nation, bringing you American flowers grown right here in the United States.

If you’re looking for American flowers, Proflowers has you covered. We offer a variety of bouquets and arrangements bursting with flowers grown in American soil. We take pride in our bouquets so you can take pride in your gifts, whether you’re buying a bouquet for your wife or a flower arrangement for your child’s teacher. Shop from a variety of blooms, including tulips, lilies, irises, and more.  

American Floral Christmas Arrangements

We offer beautiful Christmas bouquets and arrangements filled with American grown flowers. If you want to show your holiday cheer and your patriotism, add red and white blooms to green vegetation for a holiday-inspired floral offering.  

Deluxe American Grown Flowers

Your flowers should make a statement, and our collection of American grown flowers is filled with deluxe bouquets that bring added elegance to your flower gifts. Our field to vase American floral arrangements bring new meaning to the phrase 'fresh flowers'. Find numerous varieties of United States flowers, homegrown and guaranteed high-quality.  

Send United States Flowers

You can have a variety of American floral arrangements delivered to the address of your choosing. The United States has beautiful flowers to offer, and we bring those offerings right to your home with same-day and next-day delivery. The beauty of our United States flowers will make you proud to be an American. Show your patriotism and support your local farmer by selecting something beautiful from our assortment of American flowers grown right here at home.