Carnations Delivery

Some say carnations get their name from "coronation," which makes sense as anyone looks regal with carnations. Our carnation bouquets help you express love, luck, and so much more. Order a carnation arrangement for delivery with Proflowers today.

Share Spring Joy with a Carnation Bouquet Delivery

Sending colorful carnation flower arrangements from Proflowers lets you share a little springtime joy any time of year. Whether you want to say “congratulations,” “good luck,” or “get well soon,” carnations are the go-to flower for many occasions. Did you know that carnations have been the official flower of Mother’s Day since 1914? These well-known blooms, available in a wide range of pretty colors, are one of the most popular ways to show mom she is appreciated and adored. Since carnations convey a number of different meanings, they are a great choice for marking some of life’s significant milestones. Proflowers offers a huge selection of colorful carnation arrangements and bouquets for every gifting opportunity. For a prompt, affordable carnation flower delivery, you can always trust Proflowers.

Sending Carnations to Loved Ones

Some floral historians believe that carnations are native to the Mediterranean basin, while others trace them back to the Far East. Wherever these delicate blooms originally hail from, they have been cultivated (and loved) for many years. Here are our top four reasons for sending a loved one a carnation flower delivery:

  • First, they come in a rainbow of colors, from soft pastel pink, yellow, peach, and white to sultry red and passionate purple.

  • Second, many varieties of carnations smell as good as they look, with a fragrance reminiscent of sweet cloves.

  • Third, you can send carnations for both joyous and mournful occasions. They are often included in bouquets of sympathy flowers, wedding flowers, thank you flowers, and birthday flowers.

  • And finally, carnations have plenty of staying power to delight your gift recipients longer than many cut flowers.

Do Carnations Pair Nicely with Other Flowers?

Absolutely. Carnations are some of the most versatile flowers and go beautifully with gerbera daisies, tulips, lilies, and of course, roses. A rose delivery with ruffled carnations is sure to put a smile on their face. In our professional opinion, this is one of the best flower pairings in the world.

Caring for a Carnation Bouquet Delivery

Wondering how to keep your carnations delivery fresh and lovely as the day it arrived? By following these steps, you can keep your bouquet alive for up to three full weeks.

  • Fill a vase about 2/3 full with lukewarm tap water

  • Add a packet of flower food, or a teaspoon full of sugar

  • Cut the carnation stems at an angle with kitchen shears

  • Remove any leaves that would sit below the surface of the water

  • Arrange the flowers in the vase

  • Change out the water every 2-3 days

  • Trim ¼ inch off the stem during each water change

Since carnations are affected by ethylene, a harmless gas that is released by ripening bananas and other produce, it’s best to keep your floral arrangement far away from bowls of fruit.

What Does Sending Carnations Mean?

Carnations have been presented as cherished gifts for centuries and are rich in symbolism. When selecting carnations for delivery, consider the meanings behind each hue:

  • White carnations are said to convey purity, faithfulness, and luck

  • Pink carnations symbolize love and enchantment and are often sent on Mother’s Day

  • Yellow carnations express support for someone who has experienced disappointment or dejection

  • Purple carnations denote spontaneity and capriciousness

  • Deep red carnations represent affection, love, and devotion

  • Green carnations are given to express good luck and fortune

How to Send Carnation Arrangements Online

Sending carnations to loved ones is easy with Proflowers. Select the bouquet you would like delivered, write a personal message, and enter the recipient's address, zip code, and delivery date. If time is of the essence, check for carnation bouquets that are eligible for same day flower delivery from our vast network of national florists.

Carnation Flower Bouquets Delivered

Simple yet elegant, a carnation bouquet can brighten up any room. They are colorful, long-lasting, and pair wonderfully with hydrangeas, alstroemeria, snapdragon, and lilies. What’s not to love about carnations? Proflowers offers a huge selection of colorful carnation arrangements and bouquets for every gifting opportunity. Make anyone’s day with a farm-fresh arrangement of the brightest carnations, and shop all flowers today!