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Easter Lilies Delivery

Brighten up your home with a beautiful bouquet of Easter lilies. From traditional white Easter lilies to more colorful arrangements, Proflowers has the perfect blooms to celebrate spring.

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What plants are good for Easter?

Blooming plants are a tell-tale sign that spring is here. With that comes Easter and all of its festivities. Send your friends and family a few Easter plants and flowers, such as lush peace lilies and green plants. Herald this wonderful season of new beginnings with an Easter Sunday devliery of your favorite flowers or plants.

Traditional Easter plants

At Proflowers, you’ll find a stunning selection of plants and fresh blooms that will brighten up your Easter celebrations. There are many plants that are traditionally associated with Easter, and each holds a special significance:

  • Lilies – Of all the stunning Easter flowers, lilies remain one of the most popular gift items. There are several varieties of lilies, but none more beloved than the Easter lily that is renowned for its aromatic trumpet blooms and lush foliage. Cala lilies are an elegant choice and come in a rainbow of colors, including yellow, rose, lavender, maroon, orange, and white.

  • Orchids - Orchids are frequently sent as gifts during the Easter season. While there are thousands of species in the orchid family and dozens of colors, the so-called Easter orchids (Phalaenopsis orchid) are generally white or purple to represent Lent and Easter.

  • Kalanchoe – This tropical succulent is easy to care for and grows small blooms in pretty shades of yellow, white, pink, and red.

Lilies, orchids, and kalanchoes are all available for fast, fresh Easter plants delivery from Proflowers!

Easter Potted Plants

Proflowers makes sending thoughtful Easter gifts a breeze, especially when it comes to plant lovers. When cared for properly, potted plants are the Easter gift that promises natural beauty for many years to come. With our fast delivery service, you can send potted plants for Easter celebrations without worry. Online orders placed before 2pm in the delivery zip code may qualify for same day delivery.

Our Easter plants add a touch of mood-lifting greenery and color to any space, and many come in high-quality pots or planters. Consider these options that will suit even total plant beginners:

  • Snake plant – Delivered in a terracotta ceramic pot, the snake plant is virtually indestructible and makes an ideal Easter gift.

  • Calathea - This pink and emerald green tropical beauty boasts impressive foliage and comes in an elegant ceramic planter.

  • Pink Azalea – A potted azalea makes a fantastic house plant and blooms two to three times a year, revealing sweet blush-colored flowers.

Were you invited to an Easter get-together last minute? We know how nerve-wracking it can be to find a gift out of nowhere. When you need unique gifts or same day Easter plants for delivery, Proflowers is here to assist you. Shop All Plants and plan your Easter delivery today!