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Earth Day Flowers & Gifts

Mother Nature is so good to us. It’s only right that we set aside a day to honor her beauty, care and generosity. Designated as a day to give back to the environment, Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22 around the world. Proflower’s beautiful Earth Day flowers, plants and gifts are striking symbols of our amazing planet.

When Did Earth Day Begin?

What started in 1970 by Senator Nelson in Wisconsin as a way to raise awareness for environmental issues is now a global event that is recognized by 193 countries worldwide. Sparked by an oil spill off the west coast in 1969, the following spring Senator Nelson launched the first Earth Day. More than 20 million Americans across the country joined in the inaugural Earth Day event, drawing attention to critical concerns. Their participation and Senator Nelson's actions paved the way for not only an official Earth Day each year, but also for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and other legislation, all with the goal of keeping our environment healthy for generations to come.

Ideas for Celebrating Earth Day

A traditional way to honor Earth Day is to plant a tree, but there are so many other ways to pay tribute to the environment. Get outside and reconnect with nature on a hike or trail ride. Begin a garden and not only grow your own food, but help reduce your carbon footprint. Gather friends and volunteer to clean up trash in your city's parks. Send an Earth Day gift to the conservationists in your life. Looking to make more long-term changes? Set Earth Day as the starting line for environmentally-friendly, lifestyle changes. Institute meatless Mondays into your weekly meals or consider going vegetarian or vegan. Install a timer on your shower to reduce your water usage. Join a climate activist organization and get involved in their initiatives. Big or small, just choosing to do something, in itself, is a beautiful Earth Day gift.

Earth Day Flowers & Gifts

Whether for yourself or your favorite nature-lover, pay homage to Mother Earth with an Earth Day gift delivery from Proflowers. Choose a modern succulent trio as an Earth Day plant to remind her of her solo pilgrimage to the Grand Canyon last year. Or go with a flowering potted plant, the environmental ambassadors, to help brighten their space and as a bonus, freshen and remove toxins from the air. Show some sweet appreciation with an Earth Day fruit basket or chocolate covered strawberries and let them revel in the earth's delightful produce. Our Proflowers team is here to put as much care into your Earth Day gift delivery as you do into our planet