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Father's Day Gift Baskets

Send a Basket to Dad - It’s a shame that Father’s Day only comes once a year; dads everywhere deserve to be celebrated every day. Alas, June 20th is the one and only Father’s Day—so it’s best to make it count. What better way to show how much you care than with a Father’s Day gift basket? Our gift baskets for Father’s Day come in a wide variety of styles and contents that are sure to bring a smile to your dad’s face. From fruits to cookies, we have something that will suit any father’s palate.

Father’s Day Gift Baskets

There’s no better way to show the man who raised you and taught you countless life lessons how much you love him than with Father’s Day gift baskets that contain his favorite treats! At ProFlowers, we have gift baskets for Father’s Day that contain a variety of goodies, from cookies to fruits and chocolates to nuts, that will suit any father’s palate. While your dad should be celebrated every day, this June show how much you appreciate your papa bear with a gift that fills his heart and his belly.

Father’s Day Gift Baskets Delivered

Near or far, you can surprise your dad with Father’s Day baskets delivered straight to his doorstep. After pretending to be the tooth fairy and attending all of your dance recitals and baseball games, the patriarch of your family deserves only the best. Father’s Day fruit baskets are a sweet and nutritious option for those Dads who love crisp apples and juicy grapes straight from the earth. Or, for the Dads who prefer savory snacks, a Father’s Day Simply Nuts Gift Tray will do just the trick!

And if time crept up on you this year, we have a variety of last-minute Father’s Day gifts that can be delivered on the same day. This way, your dad will never know procrastination got the best of you this spring. No matter what you choose, your dad will be smiling from ear to ear when he unwraps his tasty present!

Does ProFlowers Offer Other Father’s Day Gift Options?

Of course we do! At ProFlowers, we have a variety of Father’s Day food gifts besides the fruits, nuts, and chocolates offered in our gift baskets. We also have an Assorted Cheesecake Sampler for those Dads with a sweet tooth or a Meat and Cheese Medley for those fathers with a more refined palate.

And remember, showering your dad with endless snacks and treats isn’t the only way to his heart. At ProFlowers, we have plenty of gifts for men that will match the interests of any father this June. Break the mold by buying flowers for him that he can place by his bedside or on his desk at work. Or, get him a hanging plant he can hang in his man cave that will add some life and freshen up the air!
What is the Best Way to Celebrate Father’s Day?
There’s no secret formula for celebrating Father’s Day in the best way. Each dad has their own unique personalities, interests, and preferences. However, at ProFlowers, we suggest finding an activity that piques his interests and allows the whole family to come together and celebrate. Maybe a drive down to the beach for a relaxing day by the water will make his day perfect. Or, a hike through the woods or local mountains for some fresh air will serve as a memorable bonding moment with your dad!

But don’t forget, you can never go wrong with food! This is where a delicious Father’s Day gift basket will come in handy. Perfect to bring on a picnic or a road trip to grandpa’s house, gift baskets make a great treat for everybody!