Pothos Plant Delivery

Wonderful for the avid traveler or not-so-green thumb, pathos plants are notoriously one of the easiest houseplants to grow. These low-maintenance, variegated visions thrive in varied locations from bookcases and mantles to window sills and hanging baskets. Liven any spot in their home or office with a pothos plant delivery from Proflowers today!

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Pothos Plant Delivery FAQs

How to care for a pothos plant?

Although pothos plant care is quite foolproof, there are a few key steps to maintaining the easy-breezy vine vibe.         

Soil: While any garden-variety soil will do, it is important to make sure it is well-draining to help avoid root rot.

Container Size: The correct pot selection comes into play not only when it comes to the potential growth of your pothos plant, but also when it comes to its roots. Go with a container that is 1-2 inches wider than the root ball so that your pothos plant will have space to spread out and absorb food and nutrients. If you notice that your pothos plant leaves droop no matter how much you water, it’s an indicator that the roots have filled the pot. If this is true, go up one to two sizes in your container and refresh your soil when repotting a pothos plant. Also, for optimal rooth health, your container should be equipped with adequate drainage holes.

Placement: Pothos plants prefer locations with bright, indirect light; however, they can also flourish in fluorescent or low light, making them a great option for interior bathrooms, offices or shaded bedrooms.

Also known as Devil’s Ivy, in ideal settings, pothos plants can grow vines up to ten feet long, and in their natural habitat, up to fifty.

When should you buy pothos plants online?

While peak growing happens between May and December for pothos, the lush, hardy plant is a beautiful gift for events year round. Has your determined daughter just made it into law school? Pothos plants, with vines that grow long and fast, are known to represent perseverance and are a stunning display of chasing one’s dreams. Boasting vibrant, heart-shaped leaves, pothos plants also symbolize wealth and good fortune and are often delivered with wishes of good luck - perfect for that special someone moving to a new city or starting a new job or business venture. From housewarming to heartwarming, no matter the occasion, a pothos plant delivery from Proflowers is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Additional pothos plant care tips

Other essential factors to keep in mind with a pothos plant are water and temperature. A pothos plant’s watering schedule is pretty lax. While it is recommended to water the plant every seven to ten days, pothos like their soil to be completely dry between waterings. Pay attention to your pothos plant’s subtle signs and adjust your watering accordingly. If it droops or the edges of its leaves are dry and brown, give it some water. But if you’re seeing black spots on the leaves, it means the soil is too wet and you should refrain from watering for a bit. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering again. Playing a role in the frequency of a potho plant’s watering schedule is the temperature of its surroundings. A tropical plant, pothos abound in high humidity and temperatures ranging from 60 - 80 degrees F. The warmer, less humid an environment, the more waterings pothos need whereas cooler, more humid spaces require less.