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Homesick Candles & Flowers

We’ve teamed up with Homesick to bring you an exclusive range of our flower and bouquet gift sets, perfect making their day bright. We also offer an assortment of Homesick’s best-selling candles, designed to bring joy into the home and evoke your favorite memories.

Homesick Candles and ProFlowers Bouquet

Well, this is exciting. We’ve partnered with our friends at Homesick to bring you a line of perfectly paired candle and flowers. Our team designed each gift to make your day so much brighter (wink-wink) and evoke your favorite memories. Since many people love candles and bouquet alike, we brought the two together to deliver a truly unique gift set. Homesick candles are long-lasting candles and fill the entire home with their amazing scents. Your loved ones won’t be able to stop smiling once their flower and candle delivery arrives at the door.

Perfectly Paired Candles and Flowers Delivered to Your Door

Much like flowers, each scent is unique. The freshness of the bouquet paired with the great scent of Homesick candles is guaranteed to make their day. Whether your sending one of our unique candle gifts for a special occasion or just because each bundle is delivered right to the door. This meaningful gift will make them smile, and the long-lasting candle will remind your loved ones how much you care long after it arrives. Our team worked to pair each fresh, one-of-a-kind bouquet with a best-selling candle that is perfect for delighting your friend and family.

The Homesick Candle Difference

Founded in 2016, Homesick had a goal of bringing joy into the home and helping you feel closer with all the places, people, and memories that are special to you. To create a new scent, they conduct interviews, visit the local areas, and draw inspiration from the things that make each moment unique. Homesick candles are hand-poured with a natural soy way blend, 100% organic cotton wick, and custom fragrance oils. Over the years, they have expanded their line to include all the things that matter most to their loyal fans. You can easily shop for their entire collection of candles online, or with our exclusive gift sets from Proflowers.