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National Flower Day

They are there with us in our most joyous occasions, and for us in our most challenging times. Let’s celebrate the one thing that is there for it all flowers. Honor your favorite blooms with a National Flower Day delivery on March 21.

Say 'Thank You' this National Flower Day

Whether they hold your hand as you walk down the aisle, add a splash of color and inspiration to your creative space, or wish your BFF "happy birthday" from afar, flowers serve so many purposes in our lives. When we are lost for words, their blossoms speak volumes. When we feel gloomy, their peppy petals brighten our day. National Flower Day pays homage to our trusty companion, and the loveliness they bring to our special days — and every day.

The Power of the Flower

Treat a friend, family member — or even yourself — to a National Flower Day delivery, and reap the benefits in more ways than one. Not only are they appealing to the eye, flowers' sweet scents can help to sooth and reduce anxiety. Additionally, flowers are also known to lower stress, boost spirits, and have medicinal powers. Chrysanthemums and lavender possess wonderful calming effects, and blue and green flowers can produce feelings of tranquility and peace. Looking for a little lift? Luminous yellow blooms can increase energy while red flowers ignite passion and motivation. Get in the mood you want this National Flower Day with a gorgeous bouquet delivery from Proflowers.

Celebrate It All On National Flower Day

Whether you are letting them know you love them for the first time, expressing admiration to your sister for starting a new business venture, or letting a longtime friend know you are thinking of them as they go through a breakup, National Flower Day lets you say it all. No matter the reason, impact the ones you love with a bountiful bouquet for National Flower Day.