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Symbolic of wisdom and of compliments, purples irises were long a favorite of ancient Egyptian kings and named after the Greek messenger goddess.

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Purple Irises

The regal beauty of purple irises have been appreciated for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks named these flowers after the rainbow goddess Iris. Since she was a messenger goddess, the flowers named after her were also meant as tools of communication. The Greeks would plant purple blooms on women's graves as a signal for the goddess to usher their souls to the underworld. Irises continued to be used in perfumes and medicines, and the purple variety came to be associated with royalty. The French royal family took on the iris as their dynastic symbol in the form of the fleur de lis—which would later become the symbol of France and its colonies. Today, it is the state flower of Tennessee and symbol of Florence, Italy, and it has inspired art from great artists like Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh.   Today, iris flowers represent hope and faith. Purple irises—the most popular color for these flowers—signify wisdom, royalty, or a compliment. A gift of purple irises delivered to your loved one reminds them of the faith you have in their wisdom, as well as the hope you have for their future. They are a beautiful surprise to someone special to you, or an encouraging gift to a best friend who is having a gloomy day. Although they are most plentiful in the summer, purple irises make brilliant accents to a winter centerpiece. They are also an exquisite way to compliment someone you would like to know better. Purple irises sometimes appear in sympathy arrangements, partly because of their history in funeral ceremonies and partly in order to inspire hope in those who are grieving.   Irises are beautiful and delicate blooms, with a distinct outer set of petals that curl down (called “falls”) and inner petals that stand tall (known as “standards”). The inner petals usually have a plume of a brighter color, like yellow or white, in the center. A bouquet of these flowers should last for about five to seven days. Order an arrangement of purple irises online to bring these blooms' iridescent colors to your loved ones' lives.