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Flower Delivery in Jacksonville, Florida

Most people know Florida as The Sunshine State, but did you also know Florida means “full of flowers” in Spanish? Thus, it should also come as no surprise that with all its warm sunshine and gorgeous flowers, Jacksonville, Florida is home to the largest urban park system in the entire U.S. Consisting of more than 80,000 acres spread out across the city, the parks provide visitors with opportunities for boating, fishing, swimming and waterskiing. Jacksonville’s oldest park is Hemming Plaza situated in the downtown area; it was originally built in 1857 to serve as a public square. Plant and flower lovers won’t want to miss an opportunity to visit the 120-acre Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens, where visitors choose from seven different trail hikes ranging from the leisurely Lake Ray Loop Trail to the more challenging Jones Creek or Rosemary Ridge trails. Whichever you choose to tackle, you will be rewarded with a visual feast of native plants and wildflowers, as well as the possibility of deer, hog, and bird sightings. Although Jacksonville is home to a fantastic collection of world-class parks, that’s not the only place you’ll find some of the freshest flowers. ProFlowers carries a huge assortment of bouquets and floral arrangements to make every occasion special. Let us help next time you need to send flowers in Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville is an ideal place for growing plants, as well as appreciating the abundance of fragrant flowers available there thanks to its year-round subtropical climate. Surrounding themselves with beautiful flowers, plants and trees is something the residents of Jacksonville are quite familiar with — so the next time you’re sending a Jacksonville flower delivery, choose ProFlowers. You will feel confident knowing you are sending high-quality fresh flowers and plants.