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Care Package Delivery

Proflowers has a unique assortment of gourmet foods, fresh fruit and delicious chocolate care packages suitable for any occasion. Make someone feel special today. Send them a beautiful care package filled with all of their favorite things.

Care Package Gifts for Delivery

Want to do something nice for someone you care about? A care package filled with luxury gifts is a creative and fun way to say “I miss you”, “Happy Birthday”, or “feel better soon”. ProFlowers specializes in care package gifts that your loved one will be thrilled to receive, no matter the occasion. Shop our care package delivery options to find one that’s just right for you! 

What is a care package? 

A care package is an assortment of fun and useful items that is sent as a gift. This can include food, clothes, necessities, or some of the recipient’s favorite things.
All of our care packages are loaded up with finest treats that are always delicious such as gourmet popcorn, chocolate-covered pretzels, fresh and dried fruits, perfectly paired meats and cheeses, colorful candies, and more!
Typically, there is a central theme to a care package. That depends on why it’s being sent, though. That’s why each of our care packages gifts is carefully curated with the recipient’s enjoyment in mind. For example, for a speedy recovery, we’ll send them a comforting parcel filled with soothing tea, a crossword puzzle for those long hours spent stuck in the house, plus some yummy cookies and chocolates to raise their spirits. Sounds great, right? 

In what circumstances would you send a care package?

Usually, care packages are sent with the intent of comforting or encouraging someone. In addition to get well care package delivery, there are many occasions where you might want to send one along.
Some of the most popular reasons people send a care package include when loved ones are living overseas, in the hospital, or away at college. There’s also nothing wrong with a simple thinking-of-you care package! Whatever the occasion, we have no doubt they’ll be thrilled to receive a thoughtful parcel from you. 

What flowers pair well with a care package?

Which flowers you’d want to send along with your care package depends on the occasion, and who they’re for, of course. When choosing a floral arrangement, you might also want to think about the conditions the person is in.
If they’re living in a dorm, you might want to choose something low-maintenance like a succulent. However, if they’re for a loved one’s hospital room, you can probably go for the full bouquet of sentimental get well flowers.  We think some of the best flowers to include in your arrangement are sunflowers because they will brighten any room. However, for sympathy plants or flower bouquets meant for more serious occasions, your might consider lilies or azaleas. Fortunately, your options aren’t limited, we have a broad selection of elegant arrangements to choose from.
ProFlowers is your one-stop shop for thoughtful gift delivery that always send the right message!