First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Celebrating a mom's first Mother's Day is exciting. But how do you find a gift that shows your full appreciation? If you're stuck in front of the computer and Googling "How can I make this day special?" or "What first Mother's Day gifts will she love?"--Proflowers is here to be your guide! Whether she's a few days or almost a full year into motherhood, making an effort to honor her will be worth it. Also, if your spouse, friend, sister, daughter, or co-worker is a new mother this year, show her your support and love with a practical or luxurious gift. 
Our gift guide includes what every new mom wants (besides a full night of sleep).

First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Robot Vacuum

It's challenging for a new mother to find time to clean while caring for her infant all day. A robot vacuum can take care of the sweeping and vacuuming so that she can enjoy clean floors with less effort. If you want to make things even easier for her, consider getting her a robot mop that can easily clean up any sticky spills, including those caused by baby food or formula.

Air Fryer

Between feedings, diaper changes, and laundry, cooking a healthy meal is probably last on the list for your beloved new mom. So show her you care by giving her the gift of time. She can make quick and easy meals despite her busy schedule with a new air fryer. These trendy cookers are popular because they can cook up all her favorites with less effort (and are easy to clean). 

Mug Warmer

Motherhood means getting lost in an endless to-do list, often forgetting about her morning coffee or tea. Help her enjoy her favorite beverage throughout the day with a mug warmer even when the day is a mess of diapers and chaos. With your new gift, she'll no longer have to endure sips of cold coffee or tea.  

Gift Tip: Your mug warmer will pair beautifully with any of our Starbucks coffee gift baskets, featuring iconic roasts from Seattle's famous Pike Place Market storefront, as well as yummy treats, and adorable mugs.   

Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is so important amid the exhaustion and joy of new motherhood. Inspire her to drink enough water when you give her a high-quality reusable water bottle—which is good for her and the environment. And as mom keeps the baby healthy, do what you can to keep mom healthy with a water bottle she can use again and again.

Smart Speaker

With a smart speaker that can set reminders, place calls, send messages, and more, you can make life easier for a busy new mom! Since she won't need to pick up the phone or log on to the web to do tasks, these devices are the ideal present. 

For instance, if she needs to remember to add something to her shopping list, she can quickly say, "Add baby wipes to my shopping list." The system will prompt her when it's time to leave for the store. What could be better? A smart speaker is even smart enough to have groceries delivered! 

Healthy Snacks

While prioritizing keeping the baby fed and happy, new moms often go hungry. With so many things to do, the only thing not on her plate is nutritious food. Keep her healthy with snacks to energize her throughout the day. Nuts, trail mix, cranberries, fruits, veggies, and even a little chocolate are great options. 

Gift Tip: At Proflowers, we have many fruit gift baskets that can be delivered to her door. Imagine her joy when she finds a delicious assortment of crisp apples, Vitamin C-packed oranges, crunchy pears, and more on her doorstep. If she has a sweet tooth, you're in luck! Our baskets contain other popular go-to snacks, such as yogurt-covered pretzels, caramel corn, and dark chocolate almonds. 

First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Cozy Slippers

Whether rocking the baby to sleep or cleaning up after spills, new moms spend most of the day on their feet. So if she is always up and moving around the house, consider showing her you care with cozy slippers with arch support to keep her feet happy. High-quality slippers aren't only luxurious; they are practical.

8-Mode Back Massager 

Just like sore feet, sore backs often come with motherhood. A massage chair pad is perfect if you know a new mom with back pain. An 8-mode massage pad will help alleviate tension from carrying the baby all day. No more expensive appointments or long drives to see a masseuse–she can use the back massager as she breastfeeds, sends emails, or relaxes after a long day.

Plush Towels

Showers are often safe havens for new moms and offer a few moments of peace during their most stressful days. Even if it's just a quick rinse, the shower is likely the only alone time a new mom sees all day. Make this time even better by gifting a luxury towel set. 

Gift Tip: Tending to the little one all day on very few hours of sleep means the new mom in your life needs relaxation. Help her transform her bathtime into a spa experience with one of our extravagant spa gift baskets in her favorite scent. Bonus points if you pair it with soothing body oil!  With elegantly arranged spa essentials, such as hand soap, body wash, body bombs, and candles, she can find a few moments of much-needed serenity. 

Cooling Eye Mask

If the baby had a rough night, new moms don't get a full night of sleep very often. For a tired mom, a gel eye mask can promote relaxation by blocking out bothersome light while giving her eyes a much needed break. She'll love it so much that she'll reach for it even for the shortest power nap. 


When buttoning pants is a big ask, leggings come to the rescue! She can comfortably wear them and run errands without sacrificing style. Leggings come in many colors, so gift her a few pairs for every day of the week. Just ensure they come with pockets so she can easily carry her phone, baby wipes, pacifier, and other small items.

First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


New moms are always home with the baby. So help bring beauty into her space with a vibrant bouquet of Mother's Day flowers. They are the perfect stand-alone gift or add-on to all the other things you are getting for her. If you aren't sure what blooms will bring the biggest smile to her face, we have your cheat sheet–the most popular flowers for Mother's Day are carnations, lilies, orchids, roses, and tulips.

Gift Tip: Proflowers has blooms for every budget and taste. If you've procrastinated on your Mother's Day shopping, fear not! Plenty of our arrangements are available for same-day delivery. Just picture the smile on the new mom in your life's face when a fragrant bunch of Mother's Day roses, Mother's Day lilies, or Mother's Day tulips arrive at her doorstep. 


Jewelry is always a great present for new mothers who don't spend much on themselves because they are so busy with the new baby. Surprise her with a piece of jewelry, such as a customized necklace or birthstone bracelet that will be a constant reminder of the day she became a mother. This is an enduring first Mother's Day present that she can wear every day or when she's ready for her first mom's night out with her friends. 


If the new mom in your life is an oenophile (wine lover), she probably needs that glass of wine more than ever. If you're going to gift wine, decorating the bottles with custom labels is a thoughtful way to mark the occasion. For the funny mom, you can create themed labels, such as "drink after your toddler's first meltdown." For the sentimental mom, "open when the baby says their first words" might be a better choice. You can create labels with items commonly found in craft stores or buy them pre-made.

Gift Tip: What pairs better with wine than our meat and cheese gift baskets brimming with savory goods, such as salami, cheddar cheese, crackers, dried fruit, nuts, and more! It's a great gift if you're unsure if the new mom is consuming alcohol just yet. If she is indeed abstaining due to breastfeeding, she'll still get to enjoy these treats when they are delivered! 


Chocolate is one of life's little luxuries, and nobody deserves a decadent chocolate nightcap more than a new mother. But if you're considering it as your go-to gift, remember that not all Mother's Day chocolate is created equal. After giving birth and taking care of a newborn, she deserves something special.

Gift Tip: Proflowers stocks a luxurious assortment of chocolate treats. From our impressive Godiva chocolate towers to classic Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies and brownies to chocolate-covered strawberries and cheesecake bites–if she's a chocolate lover, she'll love a chocolate gift basket from Proflowers. 

First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Whether she's a business owner, a writer, an artist, an obsessive planner, or all of the above, a journal is a functional and thoughtful gift. With her journal, she can jot down favorite recipes, note changes in the feeding schedule and baby's first words, or let off some steam by recording her feelings, frustrations, and joy. For bonus points, high-quality pens or a set of colored pencils will complete this creative gift. 

Custom Artwork

For a sentimental new mom, nothing shows you care like a custom portrait of her family with their newest member. You don't have to be an artist to pull it off, either! You can always commission a talented painter or designer to bring your vision to life. Think about what type of art she loves: is she a classical or pop art fan? Does she love sculptures? No matter her preference, the internet makes it easy to find the perfect gift to hang on the baby's wall, the kitchen or her favorite spot in the living room.

Mini Photo Printer

If she has an eye for photography and can't stop taking photos of her latest muse, she'll get plenty of use from a mini photo printer. Small enough to fit in her pocket, she can carry this gift on every adventure she and her baby embark on. Ensure she never misses a moment by giving the gift of memories. 

Framed Family Photo

A picture is worth a thousand words and even more when it's a photo from a baby's early days. The new mom in your life probably has some professional portraits in the works. But, surprise her with a framed candid photo of her and her bundle of joy. Don't forget to order plenty of wallet sizes to share with loved ones! 

Potted Plants

Give mom the gift of low-maintenance houseplants, which make a great Mother's Day gift with their beauty and health benefits. Besides providing clean air, some plants can even help alleviate stress. Let the new mom in your life know you care about her by giving her a thoughtful Mother's Day plant.

Gift Tip: Unsure where to buy houseplants? Proflowers has a range of easy-to-care-for plants, such as succulents, snake plants, pothos plants, and more. Some are so forgiving that they'll thrive even when mom forgets to water them. 

Homemade Baby Food Maker

Nothing beats a homemade baby food maker for the new mom who loves everything organic. After all, ensuring her child gets the best is every mother's goal. Make her mission easier by giving her a baby food maker that does it all: steams, cooks, and blends. This way, she can have peace of mind knowing that her baby won't get any unnecessary additives in their food. Make sure the model you choose is dishwasher-safe for added convenience.

Spa Gift Card

Not all Mother's Day gifts need to be household items. New moms are typically so focused on caring for their little ones that they forget they deserve to be pampered, too. Every new mom could use some spoiling and relaxation, but she likely won't pursue it herself. So give her the nudge she needs by giving her a spa gift card. 

Deliver Mother's Day Gifts to Her Door with Proflowers

Each mom is beautifully unique, just like her little one. Just like there's no fool-proof guide on how to be a new mother, there's no fool-proof guide on what to give a new mother–but we hope our list helped! For more Mother's Day Gift inspiration, check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide, Mother’s Day for All Mom’s blog, and Mother’s Day flowers.