Mother’s Day Gift Guide for All Moms

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to find the perfect gift for all the wonderful moms in your life. Feeling some pressure? Relax, you got this! Our Mother’s Day gift guide is full of great gift ideas for every woman in your life, including wives, in-laws, grandmothers, and sisters.


Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Wife

Is your wife a super mom, but you simply don’t know what to get her for Mother’s Day? We know that if it weren’t for her, your home would indeed be turned upside down. It can be challenging finding the right words to express how grateful you are for all she does. For this reason, we’ve rounded up the best Mother’s Day gifts to thank her for her hard work and to show how much you appreciate her. 

Coffee and Tea

As a super mom, she’s most likely always on the move. From work to picking up the kids at school and running errands, her day can get pretty busy. This Mother’s Day, shower her with a caffeine-packed gift that’ll give her a boost of energy when she needs it the most. A unique coffee gift basket brimming with classic Starbucks roasts, delicious caramel wafers, and more is sure to help her accomplish her daily goals and fight off the midday slump.

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The Day Off

Give your wife the day off and help her with tasks she needs to get done. For example, do a bit of laundry, wash dishes, or cook dinner for the family. Amid the hustle and bustle, it isn’t easy finding the time to buy groceries, prep the food, and cook. So, on her special day, let her rest and put your culinary skills to the test. If you’re not much of a chef, you can always order take-out or schedule a meal kit delivery.


If your wife is a busy mom, you can’t go wrong with an audiobook. Whether your wife runs her own small business or is an executive at a company, she’ll appreciate an audiobook subscription to keep her entertained. This way, she’ll be able to enjoy all the books she’s been wanting to read without sitting down and diverting from her hectic schedule. 

Hopefully, you now have an idea of what to give your wife this Mother’s Day. Either way, the most important thing to do is to say thank you and show her you love her.


Mother’s Day Gifts for Mother

Ah, yes, the woman who changed your diapers, kissed numerous boo-boos, and taught you how to walk. She raised you, so now it’s time to return the favor with a much-needed day of relaxation. Below, we’ve included a few of our favorite Mother’s Day gifts for a splendid spa day at home.

Bath Essentials

Start Mother’s Day off on the right foot by surprising mom with a spa gift basket delivered straight to her door. These baskets are carefully arranged by our ProFlowers designers and have everything she needs to melt the stress away, such as fragrant lotion, candles, body butter, bath bombs, cozy slippers, and more. To make her at-home getaway extra special, add a bamboo bath caddy, her favorite book, a tasty bottle of wine, and fresh-cut Mother’s Day flowers.

Plush Robe

Continue mom’s well-deserved day of pampering after her long, warm bath with a fluffy robe. A robe is one of the best gifts you can give her, as it’ll show how much thought you put into making this day go smoothly. Make sure to purchase a high-quality robe that’ll withstand anything. You can also get robes personalized with her initials. If this is a Mother’s Day gift from her daughter, consider purchasing matching robes. What better way to spend Mother’s Day than lounging together?

Relaxing Plants

Did you know flowers have numerous benefits? According to Healthline, lavender is not only an incredibly aromatic plant, but it also has many medical and therapeutic properties. From helping you sleep better to creating a relaxing environment, a few plants will help your mom unwind after a long day. Don’t know what plants to buy for Mother’s Day? A lovely mixed bouquet full of lavender plants will do just the trick.

With these items, you’ll be able to give your mom the all-star spa treatment she deserves. Other small gifts you can include to make the day even better are waterproof speakers, essential oils, and face masks.


Mother’s Day Gifts for Mother-in-Law

She raised your significant other, and for that, she’s got to be a pretty special lady. Thank her and remind her that she’s super important to you and your family.

Personalized Cutting Board

Not only is a personalized cutting board a unique and thoughtful gift, but it’s also a massive compliment to your mother-in-law’s cooking and a great way to say thank you for all the meals she’s made for you. You can customize the cutting board with her initials, family name, or favorite quote. Plus, a custom cutting board can easily turn into a family heirloom that can be passed down to future generations. If you need inspiration, check out our favorite Mother’s Day quotes.

Recipe Book

She’s family, so share your favorite recipes with her via a beautiful custom book. Although you can have this professionally made, add a personal touch by creating the book yourself! Ask your relatives for recipes she’s always wanted to learn how to make and include tips and tricks on how to execute them successfully. You can also create a digital version of the book so that she can take it with her wherever she goes.    

Traditional Flowers

Don’t know what to buy your mother-in-law for Mother’s Day? You may not know her as well as your own mom, and if the two of you have different tastes, it can be difficult finding the right gift for them. When in doubt, send an extravagant bouquet of traditional Mother’s Day flowers right to her door. A surprise flower delivery will surely leave her impressed and feeling loved. Whether she lives a few minutes away or on the opposite side of the country, ProFlowers can deliver Mother’s Day roses to wherever you need. Other classic Mother’s Day blooms we recommend are tulips, carnations, and lilies.


Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

There’s no doubt about it; she’s the family OG (original grandma). She’ll bake you the best cookies and give you years-worth of advice. And, she’s got all the same great qualities as Mom, only with more candy and fewer rules, which is why she deserves an extraordinary gift.

Gourmet Sweets

Speaking of candy, give grandma a few treats that may or may not end up in the hands of her grandkids. From mouth-watering chocolate-covered Oreos to a tower of exquisite Godiva chocolate or soft-baked cookies, give your grandma a gift that’s just as sweet as she is. Now, whether she wants to share is up to her.

However, if she tends to stay away from sugary snacks, consider a delicious fruit basket of crisp apples, fresh citrus, tangy kiwis, and more. With this gift, you’ll be able to demonstrate how much you care about her well-being.

Photo Collage

If you have little ones, this is a great Mother’s Day DIY gift to give grandma. Let the children pick out their favorite photos with her and create a heartfelt collage from scratch. From pictures of summer days lounging in the sun to special outings at the park, your family will be able to look back on the special moments you’ve shared with grandma and thank her for being a part of your lives.

Plus, photo collages are so easy to make! First, gather your photos, either original prints or copies, and let the children go wild snipping and gluing to their heart’s content. If they’re pretty young, just make sure to supervise as they use the scissors. You can also precut the photos for them to make it easier.

If you live far away from Grandma, another thoughtful gift is a digital picture frame. Most digital photo frames have a considerable amount of storage, so you can upload as many pictures as you want. Once grandma receives it, she can upload her own photos to it. If she’s not very tech-savvy, don’t worry. These frames are easy to use, and you can walk her through the steps during a video call. Moreover, there are various designs that will look and feel like a traditional photo frame.


Give grandma a gift that’ll continue to grow with time. Not only are potted plants a wonderful gift for garden-loving grandmas, but they also are a good option for inexperienced gardeners. A few of our favorite low-maintenance plants are succulents, bonsai trees, snake plants, and more. Houseplants are also an excellent way to brighten up any home. With a show-stopping plant, grandma won’t be able to stop bragging about it to her friends.

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Sister

You text parenting questions back and forth almost daily, and she’ll rescue you from a chaotic household with a bottle of wine at a moment’s notice. There’s no denying that she’s your best friend. Say thank you for always being there to laugh with you about the trials and joys of parenting and applaud her for being such an inspiring mom with these amazing gifts.

Custom Kitchen Towel

In between giving baths, making dinner, and helping with homework, she still manages to answer your phone calls when you need her the most. With that said, give her something that’ll celebrate growing up together and the beautiful mother she’s become. A kitchen towel personalized with her favorite childhood recipe will remind her of the days when the two of you would sit and think about the future.

Birthstone Bracelet

You saw her as an awkward teen, and now she’s one of the best moms out there. Let her know she’s doing a great job with a bracelet that includes her children’s birthstones. You can even engrave the piece of jewelry with their names or dates of birth for a sentimental gift that’ll leave her speechless.

Daily Bag

Whether she’s a new mom or a seasoned pro, consider giving her a bag that’s stylish, yet practical. Let’s face it, a mother’s bag is a cove full of hidden treasure, from emergency snacks to sunscreen and band-aids. When looking for the right bag, think about her day-to-day activities. Ideally, you want something that’ll withstand wear and tear and is easy to clean. 

Celebrate Mother’s Day with ProFlowers

Being a mom is not easy, so Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to recognize all the hard-working mothers in your life. Whether it’s the woman who raised you, your sister, your grandma, or your mother-in-law, they deserve the best of the best. If you don’t know what to get mom for Mother’s Day, look for something that’ll surpass her expectations. 

At ProFlowers, we have a wide variety of beautiful Mother’s Day flowers, plants, and gifts, so finding the perfect present for the women who inspire you is easy. From spring tulips to vibrant sunflowers and rainbow roses, we’re here to help you celebrate the best Mother’s Day yet. We hope this gift guide for Mother’s Day has sparked a few ideas. If you’re considering spending the day with your favorite moms, check out our Mother’s Day itinerary to plan out the most wonderful day.