Mother’s Day cards can be expensive and impersonal. Picture this, ending up in front of a shelf with a seamlessly endless selection of cards and none of them coming from the heart. If you want to avoid panicking in the greeting card aisle this year, print out one of our free printable Mother’s Day cards! All of the five cards are customizable and easy on your printer. If you don’t want to leave the house on Sunday morning to buy fresh flowers, order a Mother’s Day bouquet online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Just attach the printed and personalized card to the bouquet before giving it to your mom! It’s that easy.

Printing and Folding Mother’s Day Cards

Printing these cards at home will not only save you money and time you can spend on spoiling your mom, it’s also super simple! You need a printer and some US letter sized paper, 8 1/2 inches wide and 11 inches long. Pick the card (or cards) you like best, download it using the button underneath and start printing! All prints have cutting and folding indications to help you end up with a neat looking Mother’s Day card that she’ll appreciate and may just keep forever.

Mother’s Day Cards for Kids

kids mother's day card printable

Your children can personalize these cards to their heart’s extent. Let them color with their favorite pens, add stickers or glitter and help them fold the cards neatly before they hand their master pieces over to their mom. If you have your children work on these in the morning, while mommy gets to sleep in for the special occasion, you’ll surely win some brownie points from her! Depending on how quickly your kids color, print out some additional coloring pages to keep them busy.


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Mad Lib Mother’s Day Card

mad lib mother's day card printable

If your children can already read and write and want to show mommy that they have a good sense of humor, why not give her a personalized card with notes from the kiddos themselves? Mad Libs has been around for over 60 years and is a fun game enjoyed by all age groups – but have you ever written one tailored to your mother? Fill in the blanks with a pencil first or be bold and just go for it with a pen. This card is just as entertaining to fill out as it is reading it. Plus, finding words that describe the special relationship between you and your mother for this Mad Lib is fun for kids and adults alike. You can download this card in color or print the black and white version to save ink!


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Special Mother’s Day Card

special mother's day card printable

While coloring and filling out mad libs is a lot of fun, we also have a card for you if you’re feeling less creative (or want to put a lot of thought into your own Mother’s Day message). This is the perfect Mother’s Day card to give to your grandmother, mother-in-law, sister or friend. If you need help getting started before adding your personal note to this card, take a look at these Mother’s Day quotes. Pick a message that shows how grateful you are for this woman and what she does for you. Add a little glitter to the champagne glasses and you’ll end up with a Mother’s Day card that is as unique as the woman you’re giving it to.


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Printable Mother’s Day Card for Wife

mother's day card printable for wife

If you’re a dad, chances are you may be celebrating the mother of your children (your wife!) on Mother’s Day. Print out this card, write a personal note inside and make sure to celebrate everything your wife does for you and the kids each day by spoiling her from sunrise to sunset. Since this card already has a touch of color, you can spend more time on coming up with activities for the day. A thoughtful card and pretty flowers are a great start but consider throwing her and her mom-friends a garden party to celebrate them on this special occasion.


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Whether you forgot to buy a Mother’s Day card and need one quickly or just didn’t want to go out and buy a generic one, with a little personal touch, any of these cards will put a smile on your mom’s face. Make sure to plan some fun Mother’s Day activities for the day and buy her flowers. You can never go wrong with a big bouquet of roses to celebrate the woman that gave you life.