40 Unique Things to do for Mother's Day


If you want this year’s Mother’s Day to be a little more special than the past years, we have some great ideas for you. After all, this day is about spoiling your mom, wife or any other mother-figure in your life. It is a day to show your respect and gratitude toward this woman who makes your life that much more precious and wonderful.

A memorable Mother’s Day can be about more than a pretty bouquet of flowers and some chocolates. No matter how much time you have to spoil your mother, how far away you live away from her or how much money you have available to spend – you will surely find just the right activity below. All activities are sorted from free to a little more on the expensive side so you can find an activity that fits your mom, your schedule and your wallet. Use the quick guide below to reference the approximate budget needed for each of the activities.


Mother’s Day Activities for Kids

“For when a child is born, the mother also is born again,” said novelist and politician Gilbert Parker. Involving kids in the activities planned for Mother’s Day is a great way to celebrate what made her a mother in the first place: her children. These ideas are both easy to pull off and family friendly.

  1. Come up with a pamper-mommy-schedule. Everyone writes down a few things that make mom happy: give her a hug, cook her food, draw her a picture, or help her with the dishes. Write out a calendar together and schedule exact times during the day when these things will happen. It’s a fun way to plan and spoil the mother on this Sunday! (free)

  2. Clean her car. Have the kids clean out all their toys and trash and then either turn on the garden hose or drive to the nearest car wash together. It gives mom some time to herself and the children a feeling of accomplishment once they present the sparkling car to their mother. (free – $)


3. Plant some flowers.  Whether you and the kids do it as a surprise or you all get together as a family and allow mom to delegate – this is a fun activity for everyone. Marigold, sunflowers or calendula are all great Mother’s Day plants to drop into the ground in May. You may also consider a gift that keeps giving: Mother’s Day tulips, snowdrops, crocus, daffodils, and hyacinths will continue to bloom each spring. ($)

4. Plan a picnic. Pack a basket (or cooler) full of your favorite fruits, snacks and desserts, grab a comfy picnic blanket and drive to your mom’s favorite spot -- whether the beach, a mountain top or a local park. There is just something special about sitting on a blanket and munching on yummy finger food. Mother’s Day gifts like decadent chocolates and cookie trays make the perfect accessories. Bring games to play with the kids and a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite tunes. ($)

Easy Mother’s Day Activities

“You don’t have to do anything for me” is a common sentiment, but these moms will still appreciate kind gesture. A no-frills Mother’s Day can be special and memorable by adding a few finishing touches.

5. Let her sleep in. It’s so simple, yet such an effective way of having someone start the day on the right foot. Make sure the bedroom is dark, the house is quiet and you have coffee ready when she finally wakes up from her beauty sleep. (free)


6. Bring her breakfast in bed. Make sure you serve it on a tray that won’t fall over and result in a messy bed. Just stay with her, having a chat or watching her favorite show. Make sure to jump right up and offer to refill her mug when she finishes her coffee so she can fully enjoy her down time. (free)

7. Write a letter. If you’re not good with your own words, use a Mother’s Day quote and write a personal note inspired by it. The fact that you took the time to sit down and write an actual letter with pen and paper will warm her heart and show that you truly care. (free)

8. Plan a karaoke night at home! Invite some of her friends, prepare her favorite cocktail and sing songs that make her happy. She will love it! There are many ways to make this happen. If you don’t have a microphone and amplifier on hand, stores sell ready-to-go karaoke machines that come with a speaker, two wireless microphones, and disco ball; all you need is to search karaoke songs on YouTube or download an app. (free – $)

9. Make her a candle with her favorite scent. Whether that is lavender, rose or vanilla  – simply add about ten drops of essential oil to 16 oz. of wax flakes while warm (not hot!) or buy candle fragrance oils and follow the instructions on the box. Mother’s Day roses round out this perfect pampering gift. ($)

10. Take her out to the movies. Go and see that movie she’s been talking about for weeks that won’t be in theaters for much longer and make sure to buy her favorite movie snack. If there’s nothing showing, broaden your search to include drive-in movies, local comedy shows, orchestral performances, ballets, and musicals. Even if the event isn’t taking place for a few months, the gift will be a grand surprise. ($-$$$)

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11. Get a reading from a psychic. It doesn’t matter if you believe in this kind of thing or not – it will definitely be a Mother’s Day that you’ll never forget. Psychic readings can be lifechanging – easing present anxieties, inspiring travel, tying up unresolved grief, illuminating purpose, or helping a person prioritize tasks to create a positive path forward. ($)

12. Attend a yoga class together. Whether your mom is an experienced yogi and you’re showing interest in her hobby or it’s something she’s never done before but has always wanted to, taking care of your mind and body together is never a bad idea. ($)

13. Sign up for a paint and sip event. Enjoy a couple glasses of wine together and bring home your paintings as keepsakes that will forever remind you of cherished time well-spent. Just make sure arrange a ride home or call an Uber so there’s no worry about having too much fun. ($$)

14. Book a spa appointment for mani/pedis. The spa is a great choice if your mother leads a busy life and needs to be reminded to slow down and unwind from time to time. Call in advance to book your appointment so you and your mom can enjoy time together chatting too. ($$)

15. Take your mom to her favorite winery for a wine tasting. “Wine, like life, is meant to be enjoyed,” as Richard Branson once said. More than other beverages, wine encourages us to slow down and take life easy – to enjoy the subtle flavors, food pairings, and farm-to-table surroundings. Consider adding a limo as a fancy mode of transportation to make the day even more special (and ensure you have a worry-free ride home!) ($$)

16. Schedule a Family Photo Shoot with a professional photographer. Make sure to not just give her a coupon that will expire or be forgotten – schedule an appointment and go! Also, offer to help her frame the best pictures taken that day and hang them up once you receive the prints. If there are young grandchildren growing year after years, you may consider making it a yearly tradition. ($$)

17. Give her tickets for a concert. Check if an artist is coming to town that she’s always wanted to see live and if the tickets are within your budget. You can either go with her (schedule a babysitter if necessary) or let her choose a friend she wants to take along (and offer to be the babysitter yourself). ($$$)

Long Distance Mother’s Day Activities

If you don’t live close to your mom because you moved away for college or a job, planning a Mother’s Day can be tricky. Thanks to technology, you can still show her you care even when you won’t be together that day. From a frugal phone call to a “go big or go home” travel budget, there are plenty of ways to celebrate from afar.

18. Call, Skype or FaceTime her. Put a good chunk of time aside and devote it just to talking to her. No Instagram-scrolling, pasta-cooking or driving while having her stare at your chin from your lap. Pay 100 percent attention to her and your conversation, she will appreciate it.(free)


19. Send her a bouquet of flowers. Sending flowers is a timeless tradition to brighten someone’s day and convey a message of love and good cheer. Mother’s Day lilies are the most popular option, but you can tailor your bouquet to your mother’s unique preferences, whether it’s an elegant monochromatic assortment, a few bright sunflowers, or a lavish, colorful bouquet that barely fits in any of her vases. Attach a sweet note and order it to be delivered on Mother’s Day. ($ – $$)

20. Send her a basket full of goodies. Choose splurge items that you know she loves but is too frugal to buy for herself. Think creatively, sending your mom body lotion that is not the cheap store-brand she usually opts for, her favorite Mother’s Day chocolate, and wines or teas that pair nicely. ($ – $$)

21. Fly her in. Depending on how far you live away from her, this can be pricier and more difficult to plan but just think about the blast you’ll have spending Mother’s Day together just the two of you in your new home. ($$$$)

22. Surprise-visit her. Again, this gift can be expensive but the look on your mom’s face when you show up on her doorstep on Mother’s Day unannounced – that is truly priceless. ($$$$)

All Day Mother’s Day Activities

Whether your mom is the active type or just wants to lay low – planning out a full day to celebrate Mother’s Day will be a blast with any of the following ideas.

23. Clean her house or help in the garden. Encourage your mother to relax with a book or her favorite TV show on. Ask her if there is anything that really needs to get done and she’s been dreading to do herself like cleaning the windows or pulling weeds. (free)

24. Plan a hike. When was the last time you enjoyed nature for a full day? Pack a bunch of snacks, sunscreen, plenty of water and get going! Nature is a great place to exercise, explore and rejuvenate yourself. If you feel like it, bring the whole family along – hiking is more fun when experiencing it as a group! (free)

25. Volunteer.Giving back together is a bonding experience that will make both of you (or even the entire family) feel even more grateful for what you have. Help out at the food bank, walk a dog from a shelter or check for local volunteering events happening on Mother’s Day that you can join. (free)

26. Take a bike ride with her. If you don’t have your own bikes at home, rent a couple for the day. You can do this casually around town with a few stops to grab coffee and snacks or as a workout on mountain bikes exploring nature around you. (free – $)

27. Visit a museum. Take just your mother and check out her favorite art gallery or bring the whole family and enjoy a fun-filled day at a science museum. Joy can be discovered through experience, exploration, learning something new, and making memories along the way. ($)

28. Go antiquing. Maybe there is a cool flea market in town or your mom has a favorite antiquing store already in mind. Buy her something small to remember this day by like a delicate picture frame or a unique perfume bottle. ($)


29. Visit the local Farmer’s Market. Get your weekly shopping done or just stroll around and try all the free samples. Treat her to something she normally wouldn’t buy for herself to have a keepsake from this day together. ($)

30. Go out for brunch and take her clothes shopping. Go to your favorite place in town, have some mimosas and enjoy a long, delicious brunch together. Take your mom to the mall or outlet of her choice afterward. Be very clear about this being Mother’s Day and don’t accept any of the things she wants to buy for you. Have her try on some clothes for a change and make her feel like this day is all about her. ($$)


31. Throw a ladies’ garden party. Invite only a couple of friends or the whole neighborhood – celebrating moms together makes the day even more special! Look for fancy table linens, ornate vases, fresh flowers, and nice china to display tea, macaron cookies, cakes, and sandwiches. Buy mom a beautiful, classic Kentucky Derby style hat and a strand of pearls so she can get dolled up for the event. ($$ – $$$)


32. Take a cooking class together. If your mom is already the best cook you know, book a class that is outside of her comfort zone. Maybe you can find a cooking class that teaches how to prepare an ethnic food that your mom loves but has never had the courage to try herself at home. If there’s nothing local, consider scheduling a virtual cooking class. This is another option that can be done from afar if you can’t be together with your mom in person. ($$$)

33. Get a 3D statue printed. Find out if there is a spot nearby where you can get your bodies scanned and printed as little figurines. If you can pick them up the same day, take the little dolls around town and take pictures in funny places (next to a flower that will seem enormous or a puddle that will look like a giant lake). ($$$)

34. Go Skydiving. Your mom is an adrenaline junkie and so are you? Well, skydiving, ziplining or bungee jumping are all great gifts for someone like her who just can’t get enough of the thrill. See what is available where you live and make sure to get the experience on camera! Chances are you’ll still look back at these memories in many years to come remembering how your heart skipped a beat when you jumped off that edge. ($$$$)

Celebrate an Extended Mother’s Day

Who says Mother’s Day can only last 24 hours? If you really want to spoil your mother, take her out for a whole weekend and make sure she’ll have the time of her life.

35. Take a road trip. It’s the perfect plan if you have no idea where to go but love the adventure. Google the “most scenic road trips” in your state to get potential routes and stops along the way. Bring enough clothes and snacks, make a playlist you can jam to and fill up your gas tank before you hit the road. ($$)

36. Visit a national park! If one day of hiking isn’t enough for your nature-loving mom, take her to a national park she’s always wanted to visit. Pay your tribute to president Theodore Roosevelt who made sure we can still enjoy preserved nature today: “There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy, and its charm”. Let his words inspire you to explore one of the 63 National Parks in the United States. ($$)

37. Take your mom on a city trip! If there’s a city you’ve always wanted to explore together but never taken the time to do so – let that time be now. It doesn’t have to be Paris or Rome, maybe you live just an hour outside of a cool city you’ve never fully explored. Pro tip: Sign up for a free walking tour on your first day to get to know the city and figure out how to maximize the time you have there. ($$$-$$$$$)


38. Take a horseback riding trip with your mom. Even if she’s never sat on a horse in her life, you can book a guided trail ride for complete beginners. Depending on where you live, you could be riding on the beach or across fields of green. ($$-$$$)

39. Go Glamping! The last thing a mother needs is to come home from a weekend with back pain from sleeping on a mediocre air mattress. If you still want to enjoy a couple of nights in nature under the stars, opt for the more glamorous version of camping: glamping! Stay in a luxury treehouse, a yurt in the mountains or a bubble in the wilderness – there are more and more glamping destinations available every day. ($$$$$)

40. Book a wellness weekend at a resort. Glamping’s not for everyone. Consider upgrading to a posh resort where you can swim, schedule spa treatments, dress up and dine out, or finally finish that novel you haven’t had time to read. ($$$$$)

However you choose to spoil your mom on Mother’s Day, make sure to appreciate her on all the other days of the year too. Surprise her with flowers on a random day and show how grateful you are to have her in your life. Shop all flowers to find the perfect bouquet or floral arrangement!