December Birth Flower + More: Narcissus


With the busy holiday season upon us, don’t forget your loved ones who have December birthdays. This year, customize their gift with their birth flower. The Narcissus flower is the December birth flower and symbolizes faithfulness, good wishes and respect. Although most narcissus flowers are spring flowers, several species, such as the paperwhite narcissus, bloom in the winter — making it the perfect selection as December’s flower of the month.

To coincide with the festive season, Holly is the December berry. Both of these flowers represent hope and can be weaved into a beautiful birthday bouquet or used to embellish gift wrapping.

Narcissus Birth Flower Meaning


The December birth flower has a rich history and is very popular across the globe. Originating in the Mediterranean, the Narcissus was brought to Asia where it became widely spread across China. From there, the narcissus made its way into Europe via European colonists and eventually made its way into North America. Today, the Narcissus is mainly grown in Great Britain, Holland, and The Channel Isles.

The Narcissus birth flower commonly represents modesty, respect, and faithfulness within art and literature. However, as the flower traveled, what it symbolized evolved. For example, in China, the Narcissus flower represents wealth and prosperity while Victorians consider it to be a flower that represented egoistic personalities. In those situations, the Narcissus flower represents a chance for change and future success.

Now that you know what the December flower is as well as what it symbolizes we can explore how its meaning differs by color. Narcissus are generally white or yellow, but can also be orange or pink in garden varieties.

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Orange Narcissus – December Birth Flower

Orange Narcissus symbolizes positivity and friendship. A bouquet of orange Narcissus would make the perfect gift for someone who goes out of their way to help you year-round.

White Narcissus – December Birth Flower

White Narcissus symbolizes innocence and purity. This birth symbol would make a great gift for the spiritual friend or family member in your life.

Yellow Narcissus – December Birth Flower

Yellow Narcissus symbolizes positive energy and joy. Yellow Narcissus are the most common and universally represent happiness. Send this sunny colored flower to your most vibrant friend to let them know how happy they make you.

Narcissus Birth Flower Symbolism

When properly pronounced, the Narcissus flower’s name sounds similar to the English word “narcissist” due to its affiliation with Greek mythology. Its name originated from the Greek myth of a young man named Narcissus who became obsessed with his own beauty. As a punishment, he was cursed to look at his own appearance in the river and ended up falling in and drowning. Narcissus flowers are often found at the banks of rivers and lakes and took association with the mythical story as it became commonly featured in paintings recreating the tale.

December Birth Flower + Personality Traits


Although the Narcissus has many different interpretations, universally the December birth flower represents the following qualities:

  • Beauty — You are beautiful inside and out. Others are drawn to you by not only your attractive appearance but the beauty in your heart. At times your personality can make you difficult to handle, however, you always strive to be honest and kind to others.

  • Vanity — With beauty and attention comes vanity. You often seek others’ approval and want to be the center of attention. You thrive off of drawing people to you, but not only because of your appearance. You want to challenge others and are often competitive.

  • Confidence — You have high self-esteem and are a very confident person. Your confidence allows you to take on leadership roles at work, amongst friends and within relationships. You are easily adaptable and use your appearance and wit to join any group as the center of attention.

  • Ambition — You are also very ambitious and strive to be the best. You are a go-getter and once you have an idea, no one can stop your plan.

  • Creativity — You are a problem solver and use out of the box solutions to get what you want. You can adapt to almost any job position or work environment which makes you stand out from the crowd.

  • Communication — You use your communication skills to win people over and to get  out of sticky situations. You charm others who may not agree with you in order to gain their favor.

  • Engaging — You are sweet and instantly attract others with your positive energy. You are pleasant to be around and good-natured. You are always the life of the party and are up for any new adventure.

If this December flower has interested you, you may want to explore what the December birthstone is.

December Birthstone


The most popular of the December birthstones is Turquoise. Turquoise is a gemstone that is best known for its color. A symbol of good fortune and success, it is one of the earliest stones used in jewelry — even as early as 5500 BC. Upon excavation, mummified pharaohs have been found adorned with turquoise bracelets, and turquoise beads were found in ancient Mesopotamian ruins.

Zircon is the secondary birthstone for December. It is a rare mineral that is typically found as deposits in granite and metamorphic rock. Zircon colors can range from red to brown and orange to yellow, however the most prized color of zircon is the red gemstone.

We can’t forget to mention the other flowers and symbols that rise in popularity during December.

Other December Flowers & Symbols

The Poinsettia flower is commonly called the Christmas Flower and traditionally symbolizes celebration, success, reassurance and good cheer. Similarly, spruce, pine and fir trees used as  Christmas trees rise in popularity during this month. Germany is originally known for starting the tradition of Christmas tree decorating when devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes during the 16th century. December’s colors of red, white, and gold are also used in decoration during this month and represent purity, clarity and new beginnings. These colors coincide with the habit of making resolutions for the new year.

Now that you know the meaning of December’s birth flower and other birth symbols, give a gift that shows a personalized touch. Not celebrating a birthday in December? Explore some of our best selling arrangements to be a thoughtful gifter all year long!