40 + Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas | ProFlowers

40 + Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas | ProFlowers

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday season! With the weather getting colder and the holidays getting closer, it’s time to start thinking of Christmas decorating ideas to accessorize your home for the festivities

Whether you’re looking for winter wonderland decorations or floral holiday mantel decorating ideas, we’ve come up with trendy holiday decorating ideas to help you spread festive cheer. Keep reading to find the perfect Christmas decorating ideas for your home for the holidays. 

Traditional Christmas Decorating Ideas

40 + Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas | ProFlowers

Traditional holiday decorations can bring up nostalgia for the classic Christmastime celebrations of childhood. Invite a cozy, tasteful feel to your home this season with these traditional holiday decorating ideas.

1. Add Festive Throw Pillows

Nothing feels quite as cozy as relaxing by the fireplace with pillows and a warm drink in hand. Make your living room Christmas-ready by decorating with festive throw pillows to spread Holiday cheer. 

2. Hang Stockings by the Mantel

The excitement of waking up on Christmas morning to run to your stockings is second to none. Personalize your family stockings and hang them by the fireplace mantel so they’re ready for a surprise from Santa on Christmas morning.

3. Use Traditional Christmas Greenery 

The cold winter months can start to feel dreary — which is why classic Christmas greenery is a welcome addition to your holiday decor. Add garlands and wreaths for a traditional decorating idea that will spruce up your home for the holidays, and be sure to accessorize with holly berries and Christmas flowers for an extra special touch. 

4. Light Up Your Tree

Make your Christmas tree the centerpiece of your home with classic string lights and ornaments. Use all-white lights for a winter wonderland look, or go with the classic feel of multicolored string lights. 

5. Hang Classic Christmas Ornaments

Fill your tree with sentimental ornaments that bring you back to the magical memories of Christmas morning as a child. Add classic Christmas ornaments like red and green balls to complete the traditional Christmas tree look.

Modern Christmas Decorating Ideas

40 + Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas | ProFlowers

If you’re looking for a trendy and cool Christmas look, modern Christmas decor is a great way to go. The sleek look of modern Christmas decor adds a swanky vibe to your holiday decorations. Additionally, modern holiday decor is perfect for families that want their Christmas decorations to double as everyday decor.

6. Hang Trendy Wall Signs

Trendy Christmas wall signs are a fun way to show your personality and spread holiday cheer. Lean them against your mantel or hang them on your walls for a magical Christmas decoration that’ll light up your home.

7. Use Eco-Friendly Gift Bags

Opt for eco-friendly gift bags instead of individually wrapped presents this year — reusable gift bags are an easy way to go green while still being festive for the holiday season. Try using one large bag per person, or a couple medium-sized ones so they fit nicely under your tree!

8. Cook Up a Christmas Kitchen

Switching out your regular dishes for a set of festive Christmas dishware is one of the easiest ways to make your home feel ready for the holidays. Bake Christmas cookies with your family using festive dishes to get in the holiday spirit — and get to eat a delicious treat afterward.

9. Play With Colors

Instead of being limited to the traditional Christmas colors, try out nontraditional Christmas color schemes for a truly magical holiday home. From royal purple to wintery blue, adding colors to your Christmas decor can give it a modern, one-of-a-kind look.

10. Add a Modern Tree Topper

Why settle for a traditional tree topper when you could try out a modern one instead? Opt for a cool geometric tree topper with a trendy floral tree to add a sleek touch to your Christmas decor.

Whimsical Christmas Decorating Ideas

40 + Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas | ProFlowers

If you want to transform your home for the holidays, whimsical decor is a great way to go. Let your personality and individuality show with your whimsical Christmas decoration ideas. 

11. Create a Floral Balloon Garland

floral balloon arch garland makes for a stunning addition to your holiday decor. Dress up festive balloons with your favorite Christmas flowers to create a beautiful garland display for your home.

12. Put Up Festive Entryway Greenery

A beautiful front door display is a great way to make your home warm and welcoming for the holiday season. Create your festive entryway decor with a green garland and Christmas wreath that will dazzle everyone who steps through the door. 

13. Go Bright With Red and Green Decor

Create a whimsical wonderland in your home with bright red and green decor. Opt for cherry red flowers and bright holiday greenery to make your Christmas decorations sparkle. 

14. Create a Candyland Christmas Tree

Turn your home into your very own candy factory with a whimsical Candyland Christmas tree. Decorate your tree with your favorite treats and add colorful string lights for a truly festive Christmas experience.

15. Make DIY Wooden Trees

Go out of the box with your holiday decorations by creating DIY wooden Christmas trees. Add the trees to your centerpiece or a bookshelf for a uniquely cool holiday touch. 

Minimalist Christmas Decorating Ideas

40 + Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas | ProFlowers

Minimalist decor can keep your home looking sleek for the holiday season. With neutral tones and organic fabrics, you can create a beautifully clean and polished home that’s ready for the holidays. 

16. Go With Neutral Decor

Neutral-toned Christmas decor is a great way to keep a clean and cohesive theme throughout your house. Opt for decorations in shades of tan, black, and white for a stylish holiday look.

17. Nothing But The Tree

Let your tree be the focal point of the room by focusing on only the essential decoration — a christmas tree — but be sure that you are keeping your tree fresh through the holiday season . Finish your Christmas tree with simple white string lights for an enchanting, tasteful feel. 

18. Bring the Outdoors In

If you’re looking for modern organic Christmas decor, why not bring the outdoors in? Grab some branches and pine springs from outside for a beautiful organic look, a la winter wonderland. 

19. Wrap Packages in Neutral Paper

Wrapping your Christmas gifts in neutral-toned paper is a great way to make your holiday decorations feel organic and cohesive. Add sprigs of pine and wrap the gifts with twine for an original twist to a simple decor idea. 

20. Create a Minimalist Mantel

Your mantle doesn’t have to be decorated to the nines to feel classic and cool. Go for a minimalistic mantel by accessorizing with white stockings and simple greenery. 

White Christmas Decorating Ideas

40 + Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas | ProFlowers

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, why not make one for yourself from the comfort of your own home? White Christmas decoration ideas are gaining popularity because of the timeless feel evoked by enchanting snowy colors.

21. Decorate Your Tree With White Ornaments

Reminisce on feelings of playing in the snow on Christmas morning with glamorous white and silver Christmas ornaments. Accent the whimsical feel of the ornaments with white string lights to make your home radiate Christmas magic. 

22. Create a Snowy White Wreath

Add a little holiday magic to your home with a dreamy white wreath made of fake evergreen sprigs, sticks, and berries. Add a white ribbon for a beautiful monochromatic look, or spruce it up with silver or gold accents.  

23. Accessorize With Wintery Whites

Accessorize with white blankets, pillows, and placemats around your home to keep the winter wonderland theme cohesive throughout. Evoke the magical feeling of the first snowfall of the season by supplementing with beautiful wintery whites.

24. Add a Snowy Garland To Your Bannister

Add a white, snow-dusted garland to your banister for a dreamy Christmas look that makes your home feel like a winter wonderland. Add classic white roses and cozy string lights for a special Christmas touch. 

25. Go for a White Christmas Tree

An all-white Christmas tree is an elegant addition to any home during the holidays. The beauty of a white tree is that it’s a blank canvas for you to decorate any way you like: glam, boho, vintage, classic, or even minimalist. No matter what you decide, a white Christmas tree looks timelessly beautiful in every room. 

Cozy Christmas Decorating Ideas

40 + Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas | ProFlowers

Cozy holiday decor creates a warm and inviting ambiance in your home that’s perfect for the holiday season! From a cozy hot cocoa bar to a mixed metal tablescape, these rustic holiday decorating ideas will put the perfect finishing touch on your holiday home decor. 

26. Go For Rose Tones

For a monochromatic-inspired look that still feels cozy and warm, opt for rose tones with your holiday decor. Use a mix of pink, orange, and cream for a room that’ll leave you feeling peachy. 

27. Create a Mixed Metal Tablescape

Combine trendy mixed metals with soft florals to create cozy winter table decorations. Emphasize the jewel tones in your metals with complementary flower centerpieces in red, yellow, and green that match the relaxing holiday mood. 

28. Put Together a Holiday Bar Cart

Add holiday cheer to your Christmas decorations with a festive holiday bar cart. Be sure to stock your bar cart with the holiday essentials, so you can create your original Christmas cocktails before settling in for a cozy night by the fireplace.

29. Set Up a Hot Cocoa Bar

For a family-friendly alternative to the bar cart, create an inviting hot cocoa bar complete with marshmallows, candy canes, and peppermint. A cocoa bar is perfect for your family to create customized hot cocoa to their heart’s desire during the holiday season. Add sprigs of pine or string lights to your cocoa bar for an extra cozy, inviting feel. 

30. Use Pops of Christmas Plaid

There’s something so classically Christmas about a red tartan plaid. To bring the traditional holiday feeling to your home, accessorize with hints of plaid in your pillowcases, blankets, or stockings for an extra cozy touch. 

Subtle Christmas Decorating Ideas

40 + Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas | ProFlowers

Subtle Christmas decorations can create such an understated and classy look in your home. Check out the ideas below if you’re looking for relaxing, tasteful holiday decorating ideas. 

31. Light Up The Room With Candles

Brighten your room with warm, holiday candles that deliver the fragrance of Christmas inside your home. Make your home a friendly, welcoming atmosphere with the aroma of cozy Christmas candles. 

32. Create Simple Christmas Bouquets

Christmas bouquets are the perfect way to liven up your home over the holidays. Opt for a festive window wreath, a mantle floral arrangement, or a pretty flower medley to make your home feel ready for Christmas. 

33. Go for a Mini Tree

Sometimes, a mini tree is all you need for simple and stylish holiday decorations. Go for a minimalist look with a small tree that packs a big punch — and accessorize with tasteful ornaments to complete the look.

34. Match Ornaments With Your Room

For a charming yet subdued look, select a muted color pallet for your accessories and match ornaments, pillows, and other Christmas decor with the color scheme. Try matching your Christmas decor with your room’s everyday palette to make the decorations cohesive yet muted. 

35. Accessorize Your Kitchen

For a subtle holiday feel, add a few pieces of polished Christmas decor to your kitchen. A wreath in the window, Christmas themed towels, or a few deliberately placed ornaments are all you need to create a beautiful holiday kitchen.

Winter Wonderland Christmas Decorating Ideas

40 + Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas | ProFlowers

The holidays are the perfect time of year to deck your home with magical decor. Check out these festive holiday decorating ideas to create your winter wonderland for the season. 

36. Use Floral Mantel Arrangements

Floral holiday arrangements are the perfect way to add extra holiday flair to your mantel. Try mixing different foliage types with metal vases for a cool contrast that’ll make your home even more beautiful. 

38. Get a Larger-Than-Life Tree

They say go big or go home, but why not do both with a larger-than-life Christmas tree? A supersized Christmas tree is a fantastic way to celebrate the holiday season with statement decor that’s worthy of a winter wonderland.

37. Feel Like a Sugar Plum Fairy With Nutcracker Decor

The Nutcracker is a holiday season classic that undoubtedly evokes memories of your childhood and special Christmas tales. Deck the halls of your home with festive nutcracker-themed decor for a nostalgic touch that everyone in your family can enjoy. 

39. Make Your Presents Do Double-Duty

If you’re getting excited for the arrival of St. Nick, why not have your presents do double-duty as Christmas home decor as well? Show off your beautifully wrapped gifts around your house by using them as stairway decor, plant stands, or side tables during the holiday season. 

40. Create a Whimsical Snowflake Garland

Waking up to the first snowfall of winter is such a magical experience. Make every day of the holidays feel just as unique with whimsical snowflake garlands to liven up your home with cool geometric designs and angelic snowy colors. 

Even if you’re celebrating a socially distanced Christmas at home, you can still have fun with these holiday decorating ideas to get in the festive spirit. With the start of the season just around the corner, it’s the perfect way to get in the festive spirit!

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