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May 01, 2018

20 Annual Flowers for Every Season

Are you looking forward to your next planting spree? Annual flowers are a great option if you like to keep your garden fresh and new throughout the year! These florals bloom fast and typically stay in full-bloom for their growing season. But what exactly is a “growing season?”

A growing season is the time of year when the weather and temperature allow plants to grow. For some areas, a growing season can be as short as four months. For more tropical and warm areas, a growing season can last nearly a year. This is not to be confused with the seasons we commonly know as summer, fall, winter and spring.

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Since annual flowers can be picky about the time of year it grows in, we went ahead and selected a few of our favorite annual flowers for each yearly season. We also included all of the information you need to know to care for these dainty blooms.

Before diving into our annual flowers list, take some time to learn about these flowers and what makes them great.

What are Annual Flowers?

Annual flowers or annual plants are those that live for only one growing season before producing seeds and dying. This means that these flowers live and die all in the same year.

This gives you the opportunity to try out different plants and flowers to see what you like best! It also allows you to keep a variety in your garden every season. These blooms tend to grow fast and flower for a long time. Annuals usually flower throughout the entire season, but are sensitive to different climates.

There are other kinds of flowers to be aware of in addition to annuals. Perennials and biennials are two other types of plants and flowers you should get to know a little more.

bouquet of annual flowers

What is the Difference Between Annual and Perennial Flowers?

Perennials are flowers or plants that can live for several growing seasons after blooming on their own. Biennial plants and flowers live for two growing seasons. Perennials are sometimes slow to grow in comparison to their annual counterparts. They typically start flowering in their second year.

Gardeners sometimes treat more tender perennials as annuals since they have a difficult time surviving in colder temperatures. Some choose to plant both perennials and annuals in the same garden bed if they want to keep some consistency in their garden year-after-year.

Take a look at the best annual flowers for every season and see what flowers you need in your garden.

summer annual flowers

Summer is a time for full sun and brightly-colored flowers! Your summer bouquet and flower bed isn’t complete without these annual flowers that bloom all summer.

1. Marigold

Marigolds are easy to care for. They’re popular annuals due to their ability to bloom all summer. Their bright colors make them a popular choice for bouquets and even salad garnishes!

annual flowers marigold information

2. Geranium

Geraniums have hundreds of different species that give gardeners and florists lots of choices for arrangements and garden beds. Blue geraniums are mostly found in the wild.

annual flowers geranium information

3. Vinca

Annual vinca flowers are also known as madagascar periwinkle. Vinca is known for its non-stop blooming throughout the summer and its popular blue color.

annual flowers vinca information

4. Zinnia

Zinnia flowers are low-maintenance flowers that add vibrant color to your planters and bouquet arrangements. Some zinnia species closely resemble dahlia flowers.

annual flowers zinnia information

5. Impatiens

Impatiens are great container plants and considered easy to grow for most. They are also referred to as “busy lizzies” in the UK and “patient lucy” in the US.

annual flowers impatiens information

6. Cornflower

These blooms are also called bachelor’s buttons and are traditionally blue in color. Bachelor’s buttons have a clove-like flavor and can be used as a fun plate garnish.

annual flowers cornflower information

Fall is a great season if you’re trying to select annual flowers for shade. Beautiful fall annual flowers are perfect for an autumn tablescape or seasonal flower bed.

7. Begonia

Begonias are a garden favorite thanks to their big blooms and various species. Begonias also come in a variety of colors that make them easy to pair with any garden or bouquet.

annual flowers begonia information

8. Petunia

Petunias come in a variety of shades including pinks, blues and reds. These hardy annuals are easy to care for and are the preferred choice for novice gardeners.

annual flowers petunia information

9. Nasturtium

Nasturtium flowers come in all the fall colors, which makes this flower perfect for gifting bouquets and arrangements in an office or home.

annual flowers nasturtium info

10. Celosia

The strong celosia flower is a choice to consider for bouquets because its petals do not easily fall. This unique and showy flower will definitely steal the show in your fall garden bed.

annual flowers celosia information

11. Calendula

This edible flower is a popular choice for soups and salads. Calendulas can also be made into essential oils to help heal and hydrate skin.

annual flowers calendula informationwinter annual flowers

Winter annual flowers are required to endure frost and the colder temperatures experienced in the winter. These hardy flowers are strong choices to keep your winter flower bed blooming and full.

12. Stock

Flowering stock’s clove-like scent makes it great for bouquets or for lining a popular area of your garden. Stock flowers are ideal for filling out a garden or a bouquet.

annual flowers stock information

13. Primrose

English primrose is the most popular variety and comes in many bright colors to brighten up your home during the drabbier winter season. This late-blooming winter flower has a short life span.

annual flowers primrose

14. Sweet Pea

Sweet pea flowers are commonly used in perfume due to their sweet and delicate scent. These flowers can climb as tall as 10 feet! Some dwarf varieties only grow up to two feet.

annual flowers sweet pea

15. Flowering Kale

Flowering kale is not as tasty as its edible cousin, but it makes up for that with its big and beautiful leaves. Flowering kale produces the best color in cooler weather conditions.

annual flowers flowering kalespring annual flowers

Spring is the time for numerous flowers to make their way back to our gardens and homes. Make sure your flowers can endure the threat of frost if you choose to plant early spring flowers!

16. Snapdragon

Snapdragons are a fragrant flower with mouthlike petals. These blooms come in a variety of shapes and colors that make them perfect to add to any bouquet.

annual flowers snapdragon information

17. African Daisy

African daisies are happy flowers that bloom for a long time and can add a fun pop of color to your garden or your bouquet.

annual flowers african daisy information

18. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum flowers have a light fragrance that can add a nice aroma to your garden. These dainty florals are easy to pair with statement flowers in a bouquet.

annual flowers sweet alyssum

19. Dianthus

Dianthus flowers are fragrant blooms with beautiful blue-green foliage. Many flower enthusiasts refer to these flowers simply as “pinks.”

annual flowers dianthus information

20. Pansy

Pansies are classic spring garden flowers that are found in many homes. Some pansies have a wintergreen flavor and can be used to garnish cocktails and soups.


There are a wide variety of annual flowers available for your garden and your home! Annual flowers also provide beautiful choices for colorful and fragrant bouquets. You won’t have to wait too long during a growing season to get ahold of these beautiful blooms, so you can focus more on picking the best flowers and less time thinking about blooming time. Don’t forget that many annuals are also delicious edible flowers that you can use for your favorite dishes and desserts!