Edible Flowers to Top Your Favorite Treats


Fresh florals have been used in party styling for years, but have you considered incorporating them in your treats too? Edible flowers were especially popular during the Victorian Era where they were commonly used for additional seasoning and garnish. Today, edible flowers are back and elevating party planning, drink styling and all kinds of dishes with new flavors, vibrant colors and natural details.

After scrolling through floral-styled recipes on Pinterest, it may seem impossible to recreate something with edible flowers that looks just as good as it tastes. But it’s actually a lot easier than you may think.

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Ready to start adding flowers to your cooking? To help inspire you to floralize your drinks and dishes, we’ve created a guide to edible flowers including styling tips and tricks for the next time you’re hostess.

Edible Flowers Chart

Whether sprinkled in a salad, candied on a birthday treat or incorporated into a cocktail, edible flowers can be used in a variety of ways and offer amazing flavor. Browse through the list below for helpful information and styling tips for any occasion.


Edible Flowers Styling Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re hosting a bridal shower, celebrating a walk down the aisle or throwing a birthday bash, incorporating edible flowers into your menu items will make for a yummy and one-of-a-kind touch. For summer parties, opt for Bellini popsicles. For a more traditional occasion, decorate the cake with edible flowers.

To help you plan the perfect menu using edible flowers, use the visuals below. We’ve highlighted the specific florals used, along with quick tips for recreating the items so you can do it yourself.


Photo Courtesy of: Karen Flower Photography


Get The Look:

  • Spruce up your walk down the aisle with natural cake décor and bright florals that add a pop of color.

  • Opt for a naked cake and let your flowers do all of the talking. Top your sweet treat with a monogrammed note perfect for the lovebirds.

  • Decorate with purpose by creating groupings of the flowers that cascade down the delectable dessert.


Photo Courtesy of: The School of Styling | Michelle Able Photography | Heritage Organic

Get The Look:

  • Less is more. A handful of purposely-placed flowers will go a long way, especially for a birthday celebration.

  • Use the florals to create a shape, like a crescent, on your birthday cake or create a personalized treat by spelling out the birthday boy or girl’s name.

  • Keep the other party details neutral on your tablescape so that the cake will be the star of the show.


Photo Courtesy of: A Beautiful Mess

Get the Look:

  • Pick out a vintage serving bowl and grab a ladle, it’s punch time.

  • Give your fruity punch some extra brightness with flowers like carnations and violets.

  • For adult gatherings, spike the punch and don’t forget to toss in sliced fruit as well.


Photo Courtesy of: Honestly Yum

Get The Look:

  • Add florals to popsicle molds to create a treat that’s just as refreshing as it is yummy.

  • Blend peaches into your recipe to give your popsicles that pink hue.

  • Grab a tin container, add ice and create a trendy display for your popsicles at any gathering. You can even sprinkle in a few extra flowers on the ice for an added touch.


Photo Courtesy of: Peony Lim

Get The Look:

  • Use a sugar coating to add a delicate touch perfect for any birthday, baby shower or wedding celebration.

  • Display your cake on a glass stand that matches the theme of your gathering. For example, a vintage stand would work well for a bridal shower.

  • Rose petals and sprigs of lavender make for great decor pieces on your tablescape.


Photo Courtesy of: David Fenton Photo

Get The Look:

  • Use a cutting board to display the herb butter. This will be a great conversation starter piece.

  • Pick flowers with a variety of colors and include plenty of herbs to give your spread extra flavor.

  • Complementary servingware  will really pull your dish together. Think marble and gold or slate and wood!


Edible Flowers: Do’s and Don’ts

Before starting a new recipe or adding florals into your dish, it’s important to be sure that they are fit for consuming. You should also note the harmful effects of eating flowers that may be poisonous. Being educated about the florals that are edible and the blooms that may be dangerous will help you avoid any accidents.

Take a look at the reminders below of all the things you should be wary of when picking out flowers for your next recipe.

  • Keep in mind that not all flowers are edible. Use a list, like the one above, to vet your options.

  • You should eat flowers only if you are positive they are edible.

  • Eat the petals only and remove pistils and stamens before consuming.

  • Edible flowers should be consumed safely. Before consuming, make sure that they have been washed properly.

Now that you have everything you need to try out your own edible flowers recipes, it’s time to get to planning the party. Along with beautiful bouquets and edible dishes, try your hand at floral party DIY’s like flower chandeliers and flower petal art. Flowers will not only add unique textures and flavors to your menu items, but also complement your party decor. You can also browse through some of our best selling bouquets to spark some of your ideas. Happy planning!