Spring is here! See all 50 flowers in bloom and learn the significance behind each floral selection. From cactus blooms to pine cones to the traditional rose, each flower represents not only the environment, but also the persona of its state.

You might be wondering how each state chose its flower? The selection process over the years has involved many factors–beauty is not the only thing considered. While many states have been inspired by a flower’s hardiness, medicinal value or historical presidency when deciding, some states have handed the decision over to elementary school children. Who better to pick a state symbol!

Ready to discover more fun facts about all 50 state flowers? Check out our guide below highlighting each state flower, interesting trivia, care tips and more. Scroll through and discover more about your own state flower so you can honor and celebrate in your own indoor or outdoor garden.


After exploring your own state, why not check out your neighboring state, too? You might find that their flower would be a good addition to your garden as well.