We are totally obsessed with all the new styles and trends happening with potted plants these days. We’re not just talking about grandma’s garden either. From dip-dyed to gold enhanced, just about every trend-setter is filling their home with the latest and greatest in plants and accessories.

We’ve taken some of our most fashion-forward spring containers and came up with 5 fun DIY ways to make them all your own.


Sparkly Gold

succulent garden potted plant

Our Desert Jewel Succulent Garden can’t possibly get any more gorg…so you think. Gold is pretty much everywhere these days—make the gold on this container really sparkle, literally.

Here’s what you need: a flower pot, gold glitter pen

Using a gold glitter pen, apply approximately three or more layers to the surface of the already existing gold matte color.


Shiny Gold

phalaenopsis orchid in pot

The geometric design on our Kaleidoscope Orchid pot is cool and modern, which made us wonder how we could make it even cooler and more modern. We decided to add gold leaf to bring in the ever-popular gold craze and because, well, we love gold.

Here’s what you need: a flower pot, gold leaf foil, adhesive, foam brush

Gold leaf can be a tricky thing to work with, but is also beautiful and so totally worth it. Apply a thin layer of adhesive—we recommend using an adhesive pen—to the portions of the vase that you want gold. Then, very gently apply the gold leaf, brushing away any excess with your finger or a dry foam brush.


Striped Basket

potted rose bush with pink blooms

The dark brown wicker basket for our potted rose garden is adorable decorated with a simple pink bow. It’s also a blank canvas to really dress up.

Here’s what you need: wicker basket, tape, paintbrush, paint

We placed tape around the pot to create two different lines—one thick and one thin—and then spray-painted the entire basket white. Once it dried, we simply removed the tape and the result is a pretty white basket with two sleek dark brown lines.



yellow and orange roses in purple and white glass vase

If you don’t have something dip-dyed in your home these days, you are way behind the times. The best part about this fun, fresh look is it’s easy to do and you can personalize it any way you like.

Here’s what you need: vase/flower pot, tape, paint

We used the pink blush glass vase from our Bright Spring Blooms bouquet, but any vase or pot, in any color, will work. We placed painter’s tape around the vase at a diagonal—again, you have creative freedom here to place the tape however you like. Then we simply dipped the container into the paint up to the tape. Once the paint dried, we removed the tape and got a stylish new vase for more spring flowers.


Wrapped and Dyed

white roses and purple hyacinth in glass vase wrapped in twine

Taking the dip-dyed trend a step further, we also incorporated twine to give our clear glass vase a more charming and updated look.

Here’s what you need: glass vase, painter’s tape, hot glue, twine, paint

Using hot glue, we wrapped the tulip glass vase from our Lavish Roses bouquet with twine. We then taped the center with painter’s tape, and dipped the bottom half in purple paint (you can choose any color). Once the paint dried, we removed the tape and had a super chic new vase for our next bouquet.


Put your blooms in a vase or flower pot that is totally fresh and on-trend this spring. Get crafty and don’t forget to post your masterpiece on Instagram with #ProFlowers so all your friends (and we) can see too!