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Many individuals in the throws of a love affair choose to express their devotion with gifts of flowers. When choosing floral gifts for the object of your affection, keep in mind the symbolic meaning associated with the flowers you select. While you can send any blooms you wish, choosing blossoms with deeper meanings that relate to love and affection can make it clear to your recipient that you carefully selected your flowers and express the sentiments for which you may have no words.

Red Roses

When it comes to expressing love, no flower is quite as ideal as the red rose. This flower symbolizes passionate devotion between two lovers, making it a popular choice for anniversaries as well as the all-about-love holiday, Valentine’s Day. If looking for an opulent love gift that makes it clear that you are smitten with, and devoted to, the recipient, send the Three Dozen Long Stem Red Roses bouquet from ProFlowers, which comes in a beautiful ruby red vase.

Red and White Carnations

Both red and white carnations are specifically reflective of love. Red carnations symbolize deep love, while their white counterparts represent undying devotion. Buy your lover a collection of red or white blooms or a mixed bouquet featuring both to convey your romantic sentiments. Another benefit of selecting this floral option is that the relative affordability of these blooms will likely mean that you can buy your lover an even fuller bouquet of flowers



When it comes to expressing feelings of love, the color tulip you select makes a major impact. Red tulips represent undying love, expressing the fact that your love has no limit. Yellow tulips, on the other hand, symbolize hopeless love, making them a bitter-sweet love flower. A yellow tulip gift shows the recipient that you love him without logic even though the feeling may not be reciprocated. For a simplistic love-themed floral arrangement, send the Tulip Kisses mug from ProFlowers, which features three red tulips placed in a heart-adorned red mug that reads “Let it Grow.”


For young lovers, the primrose is the perfect option. This flower is specifically representative of the sweet innocence of young love. Gift your recipient with a potted version of this plant that she can place in her room or on a desk, allowing her to look upon it daily and reflect upon the romantic relationship in which she is engaged.