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April 15, 2011

What Colors Do Tulips Come In?

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Tulips are available in nearly every color of the rainbow, with some varieties having petals in multiple tones or colors in a single bloom. You’ll find tulips in deep shades like maroon, black and purple as well as tulips in pure white, cream, and palest yellow. Plant or arrange blossoms in single color bunches, or vary colors for a brilliant display.

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Light and Lovely

Nearly every variety of tulip — including the popular Darwin tulip, fringed tulips, and the delicate parrot tulip — are available in shades of cream or white. While you can opt for pure white or solid cream colors, you’ll also find tulips that combine shades like cream and yellow, white and red, cream and maroon, or even white and blue. Try pairing green and white Spring Green tulips with cream-colored Maureen tulips and your favorite brighter colors for a pretty and delicate bouquet or flowerbed. You can find a wide variety of tulips on

Yellow and Orange

Warm colors ranging from palest yellow to deep mahogany and bronze can create a lush palette of colors for your wedding or your garden. Combine several tulips in the same color family to add interest to a single color garden, like Cistula, Golden Melody, and Sweet Harmony for a yellow planting. If you prefer deep colors or would like to create a rich bouquet for your table, consider bronze and brown tones, like Zeelandia and Freeman. ProFlowers Holland Queen tulips offer a yellow bloom with vivid red streaks, creating a bright and bold bouquet.

darwin hybrid tulips

Pinks and Red

If you love shades of pink or red, you’ll find tulips ranging from pale pink to deep burgundy and every shade in between. Red tulips are a classic, bringing to mind the tulip fields of Holland, but you can grow your favorite in your garden or indoors. If you’d like to bring a bit of pink perkiness to your home year-round, try a forced bulb garden like ProFlowers Pretty In Pink for several weeks of cheery color in your home, especially in the dark of winter.

Tulips in Keukenhof

Purple and Violet

Purples, ranging from near-magenta to blue-violet, can bring rich color to your table, wedding or garden. Pair purple and lavender tulips with white tulips with green markings or with a contrasting color, like bright yellow, for a glorious display. Skip traditional choices, and give a bouquet of stunning purple tulips from ProFlowers as a surprise gift, Mother’s Day gift or for any occasion.

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