Valentine’s Day Gift Guides by Personality

Valentine’s Day Gift Guides by Personality

Valentine’s Day presents can be tough to shop for. You want something your significant other will be able to use and enjoy while also expressing your feelings for them, so how do you pick out a memorable gift that’s still romantic? It may not be the most obvious method, but choosing Valentine’s gifts by personality type can help you surprise them with something they didn’t even know they needed! (Plus, what’s a more romantic gesture than showing just how well you know your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day?)

Below are some ideas and suggestions to help you choose Valentine’s Day gifts based on Myers-Briggs personality types.

Personality Type ISTJ Valentine’s Day Gifts

Also referred to as “the Inspector,” ISTJ personality types often value routine and tradition, and are typically highly motivated in pursuing long-term goals. Great Valentine’s Day gifts for ISTJ personality types include things that can help them stay organized and on-task. Detailed organizers like a Passion Planner or a SELF Journal can help them plan and track their personal and professional goals throughout the year (all while acting as little daily reminders of you).

Personality Type ISTP Valentine’s Day Gifts

ISTPs (“Crafters” according to Myers-Briggs) are inquisitive and independent individuals who love to learn how things work. Though introverts by nature, some of the best gifts for ISTPs are those that appeal to their constant curiosity for new knowledge and experiences. Try getting them some couples classes at a local maker space, bakery or cooking school, or other organization where you can learn a new skill together.

(Or, if you’re looking for at-home ISTP Valentine’s Day ideas during COVID, try giving them a beginner bonsai tree and a book on how to cultivate and care for it!)

Personality Type ISFJ Valentine’s Day Gifts

As one of the more common Myers-Briggs types, ISFJs are also referred to as “Protectors” for their perceptive, empathetic, and responsible personalities. Because they can be sentimental and value traditions, thoughtful ISFJ gift ideas may be as simple as a bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers and a romantic homemade dinner. Want to take your gift to the next level? Think of something small but meaningful you can do again together every year!

Personality Type ISFP Valentine’s Day Gifts

The best gifts for ISFP (“the Artist”) personality types are those that help them remain relaxed and laid back while exploring their various interests and passions. Simple Valentine’s presents like a weighted blanket or a cozy sweater to keep warm in during the winter months can mean a lot to an ISFP. Since experiences are often valued more than material things, you could also try giving them a subscription box with beer, wine, coffee, or other treats for them to look forward to each month!

Personality Type INFJ Valentine’s Day Gifts

“Advocates,” or INFJ personality types, are typically deep thinking and idealistic partners who value action and close intimate friendships. They often like caring for close friends and family as much as they value their alone time. The best Valentine’s Day gifts for INFJs will be those that help create memorable experiences, from a surprise dinner to a hand-picked gift basket of at-home spa items like bath bombs, candles, and a Bluetooth speaker to help them unwind in the bath after a long day.

Personality Type INFP Valentine’s Day Gifts

Finding gifts for people with the INFP (“the Mediator”) personality type can be difficult. While they are often shy and can be uncomfortable receiving gifts, they are also idealistic and creative, love helping others, and tend to spend a lot of time thinking about their purpose and other grand philosophical concerns. Because they tend to spend so much time in thought, a Kindle or e-reader can make for a great Valentine’s gift for an INFP. (Or surprise them with a new book they’ve been meaning to read!)

Personality Type INTJ Valentine’s Day Gifts

People with INTJ (“Architects”) personality types are highly organized and detail-oriented, and they often prefer for things to feel ordered and controlled. Since they prefer to do some research and pick out items themselves, INTJs are one of the few personality types for which gift cards actually make great presents. (You can always add a personal touch by getting them a gift certificate for a specific store or product type they’ve been talking about for a while.)

Personality Type INTP Valentine’s Day Gifts

INTPs are called “Thinkers” for a reason: they love examining the world around them and coming up with solutions to problems. Since they often don’t like feeling constrained by plans or routines, good gifts for INTPs are often things they can use in their own time and on their own terms. Because they are not typically very social but do form a few very close friendships, puzzle games (whether video games, board games, or logic puzzles) can be great options.

Personality Type ESTP Valentine’s Day Gifts

People with ESTP personality types (‘the Persuader”) enjoy practical gifts and spending time with lots of friends, often valuing impulsiveness and spontaneity over pre-made plans. They can have a flair for the dramatic and are action-oriented—try helping them find some calm with a new yoga mat or a membership to take some virtual yoga classes!

Personality Type ESTJ Valentine’s Day Gifts

Like their title (“the Director”) ESTJs are assertive and confident, often taking charge to help make sure things run smoothly and according to the rules. They may be more prone to drop hints about the kinds of gifts they want than other personality types, but if they haven’t, try a Valentine’s present that can help them relax and unwind. Since many ESTJs have jobs that involve overseeing others, gifts like an essential oil diffuser, a sound therapy sleep speaker, or comfortable earplugs and an eye mask can help them calm down and get some rest after a long day.

Personality Type ESFP Valentine’s Day Gifts

People with an ESFP personality type are spontaneous, outgoing “Performers” who love being the center of attention. Since they typically value new experiences and a sense of adventure, some of the best gifts for ESFP types include anything that will give you both an excuse to get out and try something new. This could be as simple as a reservation for a new restaurant or surprising them by getting a group of friends together for a special trip or activity they’ve been wanting to try.

Personality Type ESFJ Valentine’s Day Gifts

ESFJs are loyal friends and partners who are known for being encouraging “Caregivers.” Because they prefer to direct their attention and energies toward caring for others, they may appreciate a romantic gesture or an opportunity to spend quality time together over a specific object. Make a plan to have a romantic night in with chocolates, flowers, and their favorite movie or TV show for Valentine’s Day.

Personality Type ENFP Valentine’s Day Gifts

People with the ENFP personality type (“the Champion”) are typically creative, empathetic, and very social. They care about the other people in their life and value gestures and communication over material goods. If you’re looking for a perfect Valentine’s present for an ENFP in your life, just stick to something thoughtful and personal. Rather than a flashy new item, they will much prefer to be surprised by a hand-made photo album or carefully cultivated playlist and a new pair of headphones.

Personality Type ENFJ Valentine’s Day Gifts

Someone with the ENFJ personality type (“the Giver”) is your typical “people person.” They are sensitive and outgoing, and they love organizing and hosting for family and friends. Because they would sooner sacrifice their own time and energy for others, the best gifts for an ENFJ are often the things they wouldn’t normally stop to get for themselves. Give them some time to slow down with a coupon for a day at the spa or a massage, or treat them to a personalized shopping day from home with a StitchFix or Trunk Club subscription.

Personality Type ENTP Valentine’s Day Gifts

Many ENTPs (“Debaters”) are highly expressive and love to share their experiences with others. Tech gadgets can be great gifts for ENTP personality types on Valentine’s Day (especially if you’re looking for a V-Day gift during COVID). A new webcam and mic will let them recharge by spending virtual time with family and friends in the comfort of their living room.

Personality Type ENTJ Valentine’s Day Gifts

If your significant other is an outgoing, take-charge type who likes lots of organization and structure, then you’re probably looking for gifts for an ENTJ (“the Commander”) on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes ENTJs can be uncomfortable with gift-giving and don’t like to ask for anything specific, but they don’t need to be hard to buy presents for. Most people with this personality type will appreciate practical gifts, especially if it saves them from having to research and buy them themselves. Try keeping an eye out for things they mention, or that you just know they need, and surprise them with a new one on Valentine’s Day!

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