30+ Spring Flowers for the Perfect Bouquet


Spring flowers are the perfect way to welcome the spring sunshine as we shed our winter layers. Fresh floral bouquets are the way to go if you’re looking to brighten up your desk, celebrate a loved one or plan your perfect walk down the aisle. Numerous early spring flowers are available toward the beginning of the season if you’re eager to get ahold of some fresh florals! Some of these early bloomers include crocus, hyacinths, and daffodils.

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There seems to be a never-ending amount of flowers that bloom in spring, so it can be difficult to pick out just a few for a bouquet. We’ve selected a handful of beautifully-assembled bouquets to help you narrow down your favorite florals. Take a look at these spring flower pictures and bouquet ideas so you can start planning your dream wedding bouquet or creating a picture-perfect birthday arrangement.


Photo Courtesy of: Caroline Tran

This radiant bouquet is perfect for the bride looking for a simple and clean feel for her wedding. It can also make a great update to a dark and drabby office that is desperate for some light. Big peonies are a lovely way to add soft texture; they contrast gracefully with the green ruscus leaves.

  • Anemone – The anemone flower symbolizes protection, sympathy, and love. The white anemone’s black center adds contrast to this all-white arrangement. This flower is perfect for a wedding or a romantic anniversary bouquet.

  • Freesia – This smaller flower is known for its delicate fragrance and is sometimes used in aromatherapy for stress relief. Its size makes it perfect for accenting statement flowers.

  • Ranunculus – The white ranunculus featured in this bouquet adds simple contrast with its tightly wound petals, especially in comparison to the peonies’ looser petal arrangement.

  • Peony – Peonies are popular spring florals and make great statement flowers in a bouquet. These large, white flowers add volume to the bouquet and have a light floral scent.


Photo Courtesy of Veronica Lola Photography

Some may be cautious of overdoing bright yellow flowers in a bouquet, but this cheery arrangement strikes a great balance between bright and soft. The subtle pops of yellow all around this bouquet make it the perfect choice for anyone who needs a dose of sunshine. Gerbera daisies pull this bouquet together with their prominent yellow centers.

  • Dahlia – The dahlia flower is known for its spiky, layered petals and large heads. Dahlias are great on their own or alongside other big flowers like Gerbera daisies. Their most popular colors include fuchsia, pink, orange and red.

  • Gerbera daisy – These large daisy variations are the fifth most popular flower in the world. The gerbera daisy symbolizes cheerfulness, which makes it a perfect addition to this bouquet. The flower’s yellow center adds a bright pop of color to give this bouquet the right amount of cheer.

  • Coneflower – Also known as echinacea, these flowers are similar in shape to daisies and are also drought-tolerant. Coneflower centers add texture to a bouquet like the one above.

  • Nigella – The Nigella is a uniquely-cut flower that will make any bouquet more interesting. Although the Nigella in this bouquet is white, Nigella is more commonly blue (referred to as “Love-in-a-Mist”). Nigella is commonly given as gifts to crushes.


Photo Courtesy of Alicia King Photography

A more modern and subtle take on this bouquet is perfect for the modern bride or a sophisticated colleague. The soft and light pinks coupled with the whites in this bouquet can add a serene ambiance to any coffee table or desktop. The Queen Anne’s lace adds a calming touch to this muted bouquet.

  • Hydrangea – These flowers are known for their large blooms and fantastic aroma. White hydrangeas symbolize purity and grace and are popular wedding bouquet flowers. Hydrangeas are also great for adding volume.

  • Queen Anne’s lace – These small and delicate flowers add a soft touch to any flower arrangement. They’re an elegant filler flower that can fill out a bouquet without looking too overdone.

  • Astilbe – These feathery flowers are also known as “false goat’s beard.” Astilbe is great for visually contrasting bigger blooms like garden roses and magnolias. In addition to white, astilbe also comes in red and pink.

  • Sweet pea – Sweet peas have a sweet fragrance and are delicate flowers. Sweet peas symbolize gratitude and pleasure and that makes them perfect for birthday or anniversary bouquets.


Photo Courtesy of Foxtail Florals

This chic and stylish bouquet includes pink, white and purple spring flowers. It’s a great choice for the colleague or birthday celebrant who loves to stay on-trend. The huge king protea flower perfectly compliments that friend or loved one with a big personality and can help make a big statement for a bridal bouquet.

  • Geranium – Geraniums are easier to care for in the garden and are commonly found in white, pink, purple or blue. These flowers also look great with other spring flowers like hyacinths or daffodils. The geraniums in this bouquet add subtle accents of white in the back to balance out the high contrast of dark-and-light colors in the center of the bouquet.

  • Peony – The pink peonies in this bouquet add to the stylish color palette. This airy flower is your go-to for volume and grace.

  • Cosmos – These chocolate cosmos add contrast to the bouquet and keep the arrangement fresh and fun. As the name implies, these dark reddish-brown flowers have a chocolate scent.

  • Protea – The king protea featured in this bouquet always steals the show. This massive flower can reach almost 12 inches in width. The protea can come in pink, magenta, and white. It’s a flower for those who want to make a statement with a chic and sassy bouquet.


Photo Courtesy of Peony & Plum

These light pink and cream-colored flowers create a gentle feel for this sweet bouquet. The green foliage throughout this arrangement adds subtle contrast to the flowers without overpowering the bouquet. Soft flowers like camellias and dahlias pull this pleasant bouquet together.

  • Camellia – Camellias typically have smooth and polished leaves. This flower represents the union between two lovers in China, so it is a natural fit for a wedding. The white camellias in this bouquet pair well with the soft pink mini roses throughout the arrangement.

  • Wallflower – These small white flowers are as subtle as the name implies. Wallflowers normally have four rounded petals. Humble flowers like these are great fillers for bouquets.

  • Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus has a distinct menthol aroma. This plant is perfect for a home or office bouquet if you want to freshen up the room through both sight and smell.

  • Rose –  Roses are popular bouquet flowers featured in several bouquets here. The pink and white garden roses here delicately compliment the soft blooms in this arrangement.


Photo Courtesy of SDK Photo & Design

This warm and inviting spring bouquet features beautiful pink and orange flowers for the bride or friend with a vibrant personality. Pink astilbe and other long flowers spice up this bouquet’s look by poking out and giving it an interesting shape. This bold bouquet has a fun and wild look because of the contrasting shapes, sizes, and textures of its flowers and foliage.

  • Calla lily – The yellow calla lily symbolizes gratitude and is the perfect flower to include in a “thank you” bouquet or a loved one’s birthday bouquet. It’s also thought to be a good luck charm for wedded bliss. The elegance of the calla lily balances out the complexity of this bouquet.

  • Rose – Roses are known for their heady fragrances. The garden roses featured in this bouquet show off some of the flower’s color variety: pink, peach, and white. Garden roses typically have many petals and are more delicate than standard roses.

  •  Chamomile – Your favorite tea herb can also make a beautiful addition to your bouquet. Chamomile flowers resemble daisies and add light and loose touches to this bold flower arrangement. These flowers also smell like apples!

  • Gloriosa lily – Gloriosa lilies are sometimes referred to as flame lilies or glory lilies. These red and yellow flowers are perfect if you’re looking to give your bouquet a tropical feel.


Photo Courtesy of Lauren Fair Photography

Whites, creams and nudes are an ideal color combination for the elegant bouquet pictured above. A graceful arrangement like this is a perfect pick for the bride who dreams of a classic wedding and a breathtaking walk down the aisle. It’s also the right choice for anyone who is looking to draw some officemates out of their Monday blues. The white stephanotis featured here are commonly-used wedding flowers for bouquets and other wedding arrangements.

  • Orchid – Orchids come in every color of the rainbow, so it’s easy to pair this flower in a bouquet regardless of your desired color scheme. The white orchids featured in this bouquet symbolize innocence and purity as well as elegance and reverence.

  • Carnation – Carnations symbolizes purity and luck. This flower is one of the world’s oldest cultivated flowers and is well-known for its ruffled appearance.

  • Stephanotis – This popular wedding flower can be found in many brides’ bouquets. Although this bouquet features similar colors, white stephanotis flowers also complement bouquets that include rich flower colors like bright reds and deep blues.

  • Rose – The scattered roses around this bouquet add effortless elegance and enhance the varying textures of the surrounding flowers. These flowers contrast well with smaller blooms like the stephanotis we find here.


Photo Courtesy of: Krystle Akin

A spirited bouquet like this is reserved for brides who are bursting with energy and for loved ones who love a little variety in their lives. This colorful arrangement features a range of flowers, foliage and colors that may seem like unlikely matches at first glance. The small textures of the bright billy buttons paired with soft pink garden roses create an interesting bouquet for the most fascinating people in your life.

  • Tulip – Tulips are one of the most popular and recognizable spring flowers. These flowers are said to symbolize perfect love and can pull together a wedding, anniversary or birthday bouquet. Tulips can make a perfect bouquet among other tulips or within a mix of other exquisite flowers.

  • Poppy – The orange poppy flower in this bouquet steals the show among the variety of blooms and foliage all around it. The flower’s contrasting center naturally mixes up a bouquet and adds to the fun of this arrangement. Poppy flowers are more popularly recognized in red.

  • Scabiosa – Scabiosa flowers can be used in a wedding bouquet and even to decorate a wedding cake! The center of this bloom adds more texture to this vivacious bouquet. Other popular colors include magenta, violet and deep red.

  • Billy button – These fuzzy yellow flowers (which are also referred to as billy balls) add fun texture to this lively bouquet. Billy button flowers are the perfect way to add a pop of color to any arrangement.


A special bouquet of spring flowers is a great gift to give whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just celebrating Friday. Take a look at these coffee table decor inspirations if you’re having a hard time arranging your desk around your new bouquet. Still stuck on choosing the best bouquet? Browse through some of our bouquets with spring flowers to get even more inspiration for the upcoming season. Happy spring!