35 Perfect Push Present Ideas If You Don’t Know What to Get


A push present is a gift a partner or woman’s family gives to a pregnant mom-to-be. This meaningful gesture will make her feel loved and celebrated — besides, after nine months of hard work, she deserves some pampering and TLC! Whether you’re the spouse, family member or friend, commemorate the start of motherhood with these push present ideas to recognize her hard work and accomplishment of bringing a new life into the world. 

Traditionally, a push present for a new mom is a piece of jewelry and can be given before the baby is born or in the delivery room. However, there are many great ways to mix it up with something more unique. From a fun gift basket or a beautiful bouquet of flowers to an experience she’ll remember for years, we’ve highlighted 35 push present ideas for every mom-to-be. 

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Do Dads Get a Push Present?

While the name may give it away, you might be wondering if dads ever receive push presents. Typically, they don’t — these are usually reserved for the person giving birth. However, if you want to show your gratitude for all the support your partner has shown you, a gift is a great way to do that. So feel free to give dad a gift too for being there and for being a part of this moment.

Is a Push Present Necessary?

If you’re an expecting dad, you may be wondering if a push present is necessary. However, even though a gift like this is a nice gesture, it’s not obligatory. Sometimes, push presents aren’t for everyone, so it depends on how the new mom feels — maybe the best present is being a very supportive partner during the pregnancy! 

If a gift is still something you’re going for, wow the new mom in your life and celebrate with these perfect push present ideas for every budget.

Gift Ideas Under $20


You don’t have to spend a fortune on a gift — it’s the thought that counts! From breakfast in bed to a DIY spa day, these affordable push present ideas will be sure to make her feel loved.  

  1. Offer to babysit: Although she may not be ready to part from her newborn yet, offer to help out with babysitting in the future! Getting time to yourself is hard when you’re a new parent, so this nice gesture is great to let her know that she has help and support if needed. 

  2. Breakfast in bed: What’s more luxurious than eating yummy food in the comfort of your own bedroom? Sweep her off her feet and surprise her with breakfast in bed. Whip up some fancy chocolate chip pancakes or keep it simple with a classic — eggs, bacon, and toast. 

  3. A personalized mug: Being a new mom is tiring. Chances are, if she’s a big coffee drinker, she could use more mugs! Surprise her with a personalized mug with a sentimental message so she can stay energized while drinking her morning cup of joe.

  4. Make a homemade meal: Being a new mom is exhausting, so take over the dinner plans and chef it up in the kitchen and make her favorite meal.

  5. Spa day at home: Keep it easy and create a spa day at home, complete with a warm bath, spa music and a foot massage.

  6. A homemade card: Say something from the heart. Welcome her into motherhood with a and customize it with a sweet message.

  7. A comfortable pair of socks: Whether it’s during her pregnancy or during those long hours staying up with the baby at home, mom will appreciate having something soft and warm for her feet. 

Gifts From $20 – $50 


Keep it simple with classic favorites such as a new soft robe or a scented candle — these push present ideas won’t break the bank but will be sure to please. Here are some of our favorite gifts under $50. 

  1. Candles: Create a relaxing environment for her and the baby to enjoy at home with a celebratory candle! Buy some of her favorites or DIY for a creative push present idea!

  2. A photo book for memories: Give the gift of a photo book or scrapbook so she can collect photos of the memories she’ll create with the little one. 

  3. A cozy robe: A new mom is most likely going to be tired and may not always have time to get dressed while at home with the new baby. Give her some extra pampering with a fluffy new robe so she can feel cozy and comfortable.

  4. Essential oils: Help her stay relaxed and boost her mood with an essential oil diffuser with her favorite scents.

  5. New mommy journal: This simple gift can help her capture her hopes and dreams for her little one and will be a memento to cherish in the years to come. 

  6. An insulated water bottle: Although this may not be the most sentimental gift, a new mom is always on the go! Keep her hydrated with an insulated water bottle that she can take with her everywhere. 

  7. A plush blanket: Keep a tired momma warm at home with a new blanket. You can even customize it with mom and the baby’s name or the date of birth. 

  8. Newborn artwork: Nothing is more precious than a baby’s footprints. Give a custom piece of footprint art for a unique push present idea. 

Gifts from $50 – $100


Make mom’s transition to her new life at home easier. These gifts under $100, like a relaxing spa gift basket or a new coffee maker will help her relax and unwind with her little one.  

  1. A yummy gift basket: You can’t go wrong with a classic meat and cheese gift basket! If she’s a snack lover, treat her to this delicious charcuterie gift.   

  2. A relaxing spa day: Book a day at the spa for the ultimate getaway. Pair it with a  lavender spa gift basket or a calming ocean escape gift basket so she can continue the relaxation at home. 

  3. Baby clothes: Since she may be too tired to do shopping after her little one arrives, give her a bundle of new baby clothes! This is an especially great option if she didn’t receive a lot of clothing at her baby shower. 

  4. Yoga pants: Maybe she wants to take a break from PJs, but isn’t quite ready to transition into jeans. Treat her with a stylish pair of yoga pants so she can hit the town and be comfortable at the same time.  

  5. Beauty subscription box: A subscription to a monthly beauty box is a gift that keeps on giving every month! These boxes are usually jammed-packed with all the best beauty goodies and treats that she’ll love. 

  6. Family photoshoot: Arranging a photoshoot with a professional is a priceless gift that a  new family can cherish forever. The newborn stage will fly by, so having nice photographs will take you back to those first moments with your little one. 

  7. Clothing subscription: New mom, who’s this! Time to ditch those maternity clothes. New moms don’t exactly feel like themselves after giving birth, so surprise her with a clothing subscription box so she can look and feel her best. 

  8. A bouquet of flowers: Who doesn’t like flowers? Pick out some  new baby flowers! You can even choose pink flowers for a girl or blue flowers for a boy. 

  9. Wine subscription: Being a new mom doesn’t mean you have to give up those wine nights! After nine months of no alcohol, a wine subscription box is a great way for her to sit back and relax with a nice glass of red. 

  10. A coffee maker: Help fuel those late nights as new parents with a top-notch coffee maker — or better yet, a  Starbucks gift basket filled with rich coffees, teas, and sweet baked goods. 

  11. Welcome baby gift: Share the happiness and give a welcome baby gift complete with everything you need for those first moments, like baby clothes, baby shampoo and more. 

Gifts Over $100


Go the extra mile and treat her with something special. Time to splurge on the new momma with these push present ideas over $100.  

  1. Camera: A new baby means new experiences that are shared with the loved ones around you. With that being said, a camera is the perfect push present idea to give to a new mom! That way, she’ll be able to capture the many exciting memories to come.

  2. Maid services: For push present ideas that are bound to please — treat her with some house cleaning gift certificates! Having help with cleaning chores while mom is in the hospital is a great way to make her feel appreciated. Nothing is better than coming to a tidy home, especially after having a new baby.  

  3. A new rocking chair: There’s a reason why rocking chairs have been the go-to for mother forever. If she doesn’t already have one, get her a comfortable chair that she can come home to and spend precious time with her newborn.

  4. Bedsheets: New moms will be tired — treat her with a nice pair of the softest and most luxurious bed sheets (think silk) so she can get the quality beauty sleep she deserves. 

  5. Jewelry: Keep it traditional and surprise her with something sparkly, like a custom engraved necklace or bracelet.

  6. A high-tech gift: If she’s into electronics, treat her with something high-tech! Something like this could be a Kindle so she can kick back and enjoy her favorite books. 

  7. A new tote bag: A lot of aspects of her life are about to change, but being stylish doesn’t have to be one of them. This new tote can help keep mom feeling fresh and can double as a diaper bag for all those baby necessities.

  8. A new car: A great push present idea if you really want to splurge — a new car so she’ll be riding in style! This is an especially great gift if your family is expanding and you need more room.

  9. Celebrate with a cruise: Give her the break she deserves with a cruise trip. Even though a family vacation may be far out while you’re spending time with the baby, planning this future trip will give her something to look forward to once it’s time for a break. 

Whether she’s a new mom or an experienced parent, celebrating the arrival of a newborn is nothing short of an exciting experience. From showering her with congratulations flowers to treating her with a relaxing vacation, make her feel warm and fuzzy with these push present ideas.