So you’ve found the one you want to share your life with, but have you thought about how to propose? This life-changing moment can bring with it a lot of pressure, especially since you’ll want your proposal to feel like it was designed just for the two of you.

A great place to start formulating your ideas is by finding inspiration. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best proposal ideas around. From breathtakingly iconic to simple and sweet, use the filters below to select a style you prefer.

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65 Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

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There’s nothing more intimate than the two of you and wide open spaces. Keep notes in hand to assure you don’t fumble on your words as you ask for forever and always.

Source: The Kitcheners

Elevate an intimate space with flowers and a view to impress. This is one of those simple proposal ideas that really makes a statement.

Source: Summer Street Photography

Get your toes a little sandy. There’s nothing quite like a golden hour beach proposal, especially with added decor like flowers and candles on the shore.

Source: Studio EMP

If this isn’t a creative proposal idea, we don’t know what is! Choose an activity you both love doing to set the stage for this life-changing moment.

Source: India Earl

Although it may be chilly, your love is sure to melt the snow. A wintry wedding proposal is absolutely breathtaking.

Source: Kenzie D. Photography

Do the two of you have a sense of adventure? Maybe an eerie plane wreck site is the perfect place for your proposal.

Source: Molly Scott Photography and Video

At the top of a mountain with some acoustics playing in the background, this iconic proposal idea may be just what you’re looking for.

Source: Benj Haisch

Achieve a cute proposal idea without even having to leave the comfort of your backyard!


Surprise the love of your life with a barbershop quartet on the beach.

Source: Tyler Branch Photo

Kneel down on one knee amongst a bed of rose petals and a breathtaking city view.

Source: Janelle Elise Photography

This is one hike the two of you won’t ever forget. Mark the trail with photos and relive all the memories leading up to your proposal.

Source: A Little long Distance

Hang photographs around your proposal site and reminisce on all of the moments leading up to this life-changing one.

Source: Golden Arrow Photography

This baby goat’s name tag read, "Will you marry me?" Including adorable animals in your proposal plan will take it over the top.

Source: Alex Sattler

With this vantage point, your love will echo among the hills.

Source: Dylan M Howell Photography

Spell out the words to mark this moment you will remember forever.

Source: Meraki Weddings

Tell your story among a handful of others. This marriage proposal idea is for the bookworm.

Source: Tara Tomlinson Photography

Are you a performer? Take center stage and be sure your friends and family are there to watch the show.

Source: Brad Sherk

Who knew an old house could be so romantic? If the two of you are planning on moving into a fixer upper, paint the walls with all the reasons why you can’t wait to take on life together.

Source: Lyndsey Paige Photography

Take her for a romantic walk and surprise her with a ring. This simple proposal idea is heartfelt and adorable.

Source: Taylor Mickal Photography

Include the family in your marriage proposal idea. You can even let them help you do the proposing!

Source: Michael Justin Studios

For a cute proposal idea, enlist your friends and family to help you pop the question.

Source: Imagery By Jules Photography

In the midst of a Christmas tree farm and in true holiday spirit, take your marriage proposal over the top with a decorated gazebo.

Source: Madalynn Young Photography

Elevate any space with flowers galore as you prepare to get down on one knee.

Source: EJ Photography

Even the most public place can feel like it’s just the two of you there. Bend your knee in the middle of all the hustle and bustle for an iconic city proposal.

Source: Mike Landis Photographer

Propose at your favorite travel destination for a backdrop that will certainly take your breath away.

Source: Kiss Me in Paris

Make sure you have it signed, sealed and delivered. This creative proposal idea will help you open your next chapter in fashion.

Source: Steven Branda Photography

Create a one-of-a-kind moment just about anywhere with keepsakes and photographs to take your simple proposal ideas over the top.

Source: Project Proposal and Hi Volt Studios

One of the most romantic ways to propose is at your favorite spot. Choose a beautiful day to promise forever to your one true love.

Source: Proposal 007

At home proposal ideas are some of the sweetest. Recruit your little ones to help ask your one true love to join you in forever.

Source: Amy Allen Photography

With a rock in your pocket and all around you too, this creative proposal idea will bring out the adventure in you. Don’t forget to enlist your friends and family to help pop the question.

Source: The Hearnes Adventure Photography

Heading out on a romantic vacation soon? Make this getaway the most memorable one yet and don’t forget to pack that ring in your suitcase.

Source: Selene Pozzer Photography

Picturesque views will only add to the moment and make for a romantic proposal.

Source: Cecelina Photography

Let your love shine through the cloud cover as you ask those four little words: Will you marry me?

Source: Kristina Saljanin Photography

Your favorite theme park may be the perfect place to put a ring on it.

Source: A. Harris Photography

All eyes and cameras will be on you as you seal the deal in the sand and the company of your loved ones.

Source: Lower Light Photography

Let the city streets add a splash of creativity and color to your marriage proposal.

Source: LOOK Imaginary

An old back road has never felt more romantic. Cute proposal ideas are the ones brought to life with the people that mean the most to you.

Source: Naomi Lynn

Be prepared to sweep your true love away with a horse drawn carriage.

Source: Maraki Photography

Light up the dark night with an intimate proposal as the two of you get ready to take on forever.

Source: Noah Hinton Photography

Get dressed up, venture down by the water and promise forever with a surprise proposal by the bay.

Source: Andrea & Federica

Unsure how to propose? Why not take a knee on the waterfront of a historic landmark?

Source: Samonot Photography

With your toes in the sand and while you’re busy taking in the views, make a surprise move and pull a ring out. Don’t forget to have an undercover photographer capture your special moment.

Source: Engaged on Maui

Backyard proposal ideas make for an intimate moment. Prep a tent with lights and polaroids that celebrate all the moments leading up to this one.

Source: Camera Shi Photography

Lay a blanket down on the top of a building and blindfold your fiancé-to-be to assure it stays a surprise. Your marriage proposal will melt the snow caps.

Source: Emikana

For a simple proposal idea, recreate your first date! Everyone will be excited to celebrate with you.

Source: Sarah Olfelt Photo

Is there a more intimate proposal idea? With a baby in one hand and a rock in the other, propose forever in the comfort of your home.

Source: Jaime Hough Photography

Bend your knee amongst fantastic design work and architecture. You can have a harp serenade as you ask those four little words.

Source: The One Romance

There’s nothing better than vacation proposal ideas. Take the love of your life to an iconic landmark to pop the question.

Source: Max Photography

Invite your your fiancé-to-be to an art show, your love will be the main display.

Source: Moments by McMahon

An aquarium or museum might make for the perfect proposal for the two of you.

Source: Scott Porter

Surprise the love of your life in a garden that has a special place in your hearts.

Source: Stephanie Nolt Photography

A dinner for two makes for a simple proposal idea. Make it intimate by renting out the restaurant for a private dinner you’ll never forget.

Source: Laura Gedeon Photography

Elevate your backyard proposal idea by setting up a table with photographs and keepsakes of all the moments leading up to this one.

Source: Savannah Le Photo

Your love will melt the chill of the blizzard. This simple proposal idea will capture some stunning photographs and even a few snowflakes.

Source: Allie Sutterer Photography

Anchor your love in forever with a creative boat proposal.

Source: Penni Lauren Photography

A game day the two of you will never forget. Box out the competition because it’s time for your slam dunk. This is a winning game day!

Source: Chantel Marie

This beach marriage proposal idea sure is a crafty one. Remind your one true love of all the reasons you want to take on life together.

Source: Toxic Micz Photography

The best marriage proposals are the ones where your love can be felt far and wide.

Source: Jessica’s Photography

Proposal ideas at home can be made more memorable if you choose to incorporate a theme. Frozen, anyone?

Source: B. Marchulaitis Photography

Suggest taking a stroll on the beach with your fiancé-to-be and pop the question in the sand.

Source: Natalie Franke

If you’re a couple that’s all about the cold weather romance, winter is the perfect season for a proposal.

Source: Eternal Eye Photography

You can stop asking yourself how to propose now. Here’s to one sunset cruise the two of you will never forget.

Source: Petronella Photography

Bundle up for a walk in the park with a surprise proposal on a blanket of snow.

Source: Maria Petrova Photography

Props are a nice addition to any proposal. Decorate a macramé wall hanger with flowers for a more bohemian feel.

Source: Laura Kelly Photography

Get your toes sandy on the coast of somewhere beautiful. Even a cloudy day makes for a spectacular beach proposal.

Source: Katie Ruther Photography

After you’ve browsed through the proposal ideas above and found a style that feels right for you, you should be excited. There’s no need to stress, the moment you get down on one knee, whether it’s on a tropical beach or in your backyard, will be perfect simply because it’s yours. Don’t forget to consider the first place you kissed, where you went on your first date or an activity the two of you really enjoy doing. For more romantic proposal ideas, consider decorating with fresh flowers or setting up flower arrangements to arrive right after you’ve popped the question.

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