50 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas For Holiday Crafting

50 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas For Holiday Crafting

Christmas wreaths are a time-honored tradition. What began in the 16th century as a way to not waste any part of a tree quickly became a piece of classic holiday decor. In more modern times, the wreath has taken on new forms, not always made out of evergreen. Instead, other decorations such as Christmas flowers, berries, pine cones and sticks are commonly seen on DIY Christmas wreaths across the nation.

Adorn your front door with something handmade this season. To get started, check out our roundup of 50 DIY Christmas wreath ideas, perfect for every style and skill level. Time to turn on your favorite holiday movie and get to crafting!

1. Simple Christmas Wreath Hoop

Make a simple and minimal Christmas wreath using an embroidery hoop and any Christmas-themed decor you have on hand. Experiment with using ribbon, ornaments, fake evergreen or burlap to make a wreath that reflects your style. To keep things simple, make sure to keep all the decorations in one corner of your wreath, to let the wooden embroidery hoop take center stage. Just make sure to put a protective coating over the wood if you plan on hanging it outside.

2. Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Bring nature into your home this holiday season with a wreath made from magnolia leaves. Whether you pick them straight from the tree or buy some at your local craft store, Magnolia-style leaves of varying colors can make a stunning wreath. Turn over every other leaf for an interesting contrast, or add in some more natural elements like twigs or cranberries throughout. Then hang up on your wall and enjoy!

3. Wine Cork Wreath

Put your cork collection to good use with this DIY wine cork wreath that lets you show off all your favorite wines. All you need is a foam circle, corks, a hot glue gun and whatever decor you’d like to adorn your wreath with. You can add in berries to match the edges of your red wine corks, or go with a snowflake theme if you’re more of a white wine drinker.

4. Eucalyptus DIY Christmas Wreath


Eucalyptus is having a moment, and for good reason. With a light, relaxing scent and muted colors, it’s a perfect addition to any home. And making a eucalyptus DIY Christmas wreath is relatively easy. Wrap eucalyptus branches around a wire circle, gluing to make sure they stay in place. Let them fan out to keep things interesting, and add in some of your favorite flowers for contrast.

5. JOY Wreath

Bring some more joy into your holiday decor with this fun twist on a conventional wreath. Paint your wooden “J” and “Y” letters a fun color (or add glitter for a brighter look) and get creative with your wreath “O.” You can go rustic with a stick wreath as these bloggers did, or bring in a more traditional vibe with a small green wreath perfect for the season. You can even create a little scene inside your wreath of a deer, snowman or whatever brings you joy this holiday season!

6. Antler Wreath

Help turn your cabin into a winter wonderland with a wreath decorated with antlers, pinecones, feathers and other natural elements. To keep the antlers from overwhelming the look of your project, make sure to pick a large wreath with plenty of greenery so that everything can blend together beautifully. You can even use some white spray paint to give your wreath a snow-dusted look.

7. Pom Pom Wreath

Recreate the beauty of freshly fallen snow with a wreath made out of white or cream pom poms. Get creative with your finishing touches here, and turn your DIY wreath into a scene from your favorite Christmas movie! You can use mini reindeer, small Christmas trees or ornaments throughout to showcase what it is that makes the holiday season special for you.

8. Holiday Cookie Wreath


Test out your baking skills by making a wreath made out of holiday cookies. A perfect activity for the whole family, you can make cookies in fun holiday shapes like stars, Christmas trees or gingerbread men. If you don’t want to hang it, you can use frosting as the “glue” and leave it out as a holiday centerpiece for your next party. If you do want to hang it, you can use cardboard instead of cookies to recreate the same idea.

9. Ribbon Christmas Wreath

Going for a minimal look this Christmas? Use ribbons in your favorite color to turn an ordinary wreath into something special. Make bows of varying sizes to add some intrigue to your minimal ribbon wreath and finish off with some hot glue to keep them in place. Then use the same color ribbon to hang your wreath over your front door or in your living room for a simple and polished vibe.

10. Upcycled Candy Cane Wreath

Get in the holiday spirit and help the environment with this unique take on a candy cane wreath. Instead of using actual candy canes that can attract bugs, try using red-and-white grocery bags from Target (or another grocer). For this project, you’ll need a wire wreath with multiple sections so you can weave the bags in and out to create this holiday look. Finish it off with a red and white bow or ornaments and you’re ready to display your creation!

11. Christmas Card Wreath

Do you ever receive so many Christmas cards that you weren’t sure what to do with them? Well look no further, this DIY Christmas card wreath is perfect for showing off pictures of your friends and family without looking out of place in your home. All you need is twine, mini clothespins, a hoop and some holiday decor to make this one-of-a-kind decoration everyone will love.

12. Dried Flower Wreath


Once the flower arrangement on your dining room table starts to droop, dry out the flowers and use them for a rustic wreath come Christmas-time. Hang them upside down in a dark room or press them in a book to get your desired effect, then trim and glue them around a wooden wreath or foam circle. You can even pick out red, white and green flower arrangements just for the occasion!

13. Snowman DIY Holiday Wreath

Put those dollar-store green wreaths to good use this year by turning them into a snowman. Attach  them vertically with the smallest one on top, and add in fun snowman accessories like a hat, scarf, buttons and a carrot nose. You can even pick up some sticks from your front yard to make hands for your new Christmas buddy.

14. Yarn Wreath

Most craft stores have a bucket of discount yarn lying around, so take advantage of the great prices to make your own crafty yarn wreath. Pick a few holiday colors like red and green, blue and white to recreate fallen snow or red and black for a plaid look and get to gluing. To mix up the texture, you can even add in ornaments or ribbon.

15. Holiday Tinsel Wreath

Tinsel is a classic holiday decoration. But instead of wrapping your tree, try out something new this year with a tinsel wreath. Wrap tinsel of any color around a foam wreath and glue the ends to keep it secure. Make sure to wrap it tight so there are no gaps!  But if you end up running out of tinsel, you can fill in the holes with ornaments of complementary colors.

16. Ornament Wreath


This is a wreath you can make entirely out of things you already have, such as leftover ornaments, a wire hanger and glue. Simply unfurl a wire hanger and make it into a circle, then string (or glue) your ornaments onto the wire hanger until it’s filled up. To make yours unique, use ornaments in a variety of sizes and textures, and add in a few other elements such as pom poms, berries or glitter.

17. Buffalo Checkered Plaid Wreath

Who says plaid is just for lumberjacks? Buffalo plaid fabric is the perfect color for the holidays, and can easily be made into a fun wreath. Cut out small strips of fabric and tie them around a foam or metal wreath base to create this plush look.

18. Handmade Book Wreath

Make an old book come to life with a book page wreath. The scrawling text will add a unique pattern to your creation, and you can browse your local thrift store for books to keep this project inexpensive and eco-friendly. You’ll need plenty of books, scissors, a hole punch and a wire circle to recreate this book-lovers wreath. If you want to take your creation to the next level, consider using a handheld lighter or coffee to give the pages an antique finish.

19. Fluffy Coffee Filter Wreath

If you’ve made the switch from a traditional coffee machine to a Keruig but still have extra coffee filters lying around, this is the project for you. Gather a coffee filter into a flower-shape at the top, and glue the bottom to a foam wreath. Repeat this process until the entire front and sides of the wreath are covered, leaving the back bare for easy hanging. The resulting wreath looks an awful lot like fluffy snow, so try out some snowflakes and glitter to add more Christmas ambiance.

20. Dried Fruit Holiday Wreath


Fruit slices such as apples, oranges and pears can become strikingly beautiful decorations when dried. To make a dried fruit wreath, thinly slice and bake whatever fruit you have on hand and then let the slices cool. Attach them to a pre-made (or homemade) wreath with plenty of twigs, leaves or herbs for a homely take on a classic Christmas decoration.

21. Silver Bells Handmade Christmas Wreath

Silver bells, silver bells, it’s Christmas time on your front porch. Bring the classic holiday carol to life by making a Christmas wreath full of silver bells! If you can’t find any silver bells at your local craft store, you can alway spray paint them to your desired metallic hue. Add in some burlap or a sign quoting the song to bring about the Christmas spirit every time you walk through your front door.

22. Burlap Wrapped Wreath


For a more rustic take on a classic wreath, this DIY project uses burlap to cover up a foam mold. How you decorate your wreath after it’s wrapped is up to you. You could add in pine cones and sticks for a cabin vibe, or go modern with eucalyptus branches and a monogram.

23. Poinsettia Wreath

One of the most popular plants of the holiday season, poinsettias are gorgeous and perfect for a festive wreath. For this project, you’ll want to pick up some fake poinsettias that are easier to handle than their real counterparts (not to mention safe for pets). Cut off the stems and glue them to a wreath form of your choice, making sure to fill in every gap for a cohesive crimson wreath.

24. DIY Pine Cone Wreath


If you live in an area where pine cones are everywhere, this project is a no-brainer (but you can always buy some too). Keep your wreath natural by leaving the pine cones as is, or spray paint them your favorite color to turn things up a notch. Glue them to your metal frame in big circles, adding in some greenery throughout for a wreath that works for the entire winter season.

25. Rustic Log Slice Wreath

Use unfinished slices of wood, a metal frame and other holiday-themed decorations to make this nature-themed wreath. You can paint or stain each slice to create a collage of color, or leave them as-is for a more homespun feel. Finish your creation off with some ribbon, small pictures or figurines that match the rest of your decor.

26. Macrame Holiday-Themed Wreath

Though macrame makes a great decoration all year long, the inclusion of garland, berries, signs and fake snow can easily make things festive. To channel your inner hippie, all you need is a hoop, rope and whatever other decorations speak to you.

27. Scarf Wreath

Winter is the perfect time to experiment with new sweaters, hats and scarfs. But if you find one of your latest purchases is just not matching your style, give this unique take on a classic wreath a whirl. Just flatten and wrap a scarf around a foam wreath mold and gather what’s remaining at the bottom. You can further decorate your new creation with buttons and a carrot a la frosty the snowman, or just add some garland for an old-fashioned look.

28. Sweet Marshmallow Wreath


Marshmallows, toothpicks and a foam wreath mold are all you need to create this Marshmallow World inspired holiday decoration. Use a mix of large and small marshmallows to add some extra interest to your wreath, but make sure to hang it up high enough that the kids and pets can’t get to it! For a sweet twist, you can even add some holiday chocolates or cookies to your new creation.

29. Snowball Holiday Wreath

Even if you never get snow where you live, you can let it snow with a festive holiday wreath full of DIY snowballs. Pick up some styrofoam balls and attach to a wreath form to create the base, then use paint and glitter to make your snowballs come to life.

30. Cinnamon Stick Wreath

Make your home look and smell great with a DIY cinnamon stick wreath using real cinnamon sticks and ribbon. You can hang it in the kitchen window to bring about the smell of freshly baked cookies, or put it in the hallway to give your guests a lovely whiff of cinnamon as they enter.

31. Clothespin Holiday Wreath

Use the blank slate of a wooden clothespin to unleash your imagination. You can paint each clothespin or cut and glue scrapbook paper onto the front of each one to make a wreath full of your favorite holiday colors. From a winter wonderland to a modern collage, the options are endless when creating your next Christmas craft.

32. Ribbon Wreath


Use up leftover ribbon from last season to make this wavy wreath that requires little work on your end. Just double up the ribbon and pierce with a wire to make loops reminiscent of candy canes. You can get creative with this piece by using plaid or snowflake ribbon to reflect your individual style.33. Peppermint Wreath

Satisfy your sweet-tooth and get your home ready for the holidays with this peppermint candy holiday wreath. You’ll love being able to pop out a piece of candy every time you pass by your creation and if you put enough on, it just might be able to last you through the new year.

34. Santa Hat Wreath

Put a new spin on the traditional circular wreath by making something Kris Kringle himself would be proud to wear. All you need is some red ribbon, white mesh and a white pom-pom. For the frame, you can use up an old Halloween witch hat decoration or make your own hat mold with cardboard and scissors.

35. Paw Print Wreath

Hoping for a four-legged friend underneath the tree this year? Drop a hit with this paw print wreath they’ll see every time they come home. With just a few stick wreaths, you can bring together this wreath together in no time at all. Make your wish even more obvious by tying a sign of potential pup names to the wreath before adding to your front door (an adorable project for current pet owners as well).

36. Cookie Cutter Wreath

Bring your love of baking into your holiday decor with this simple cookie cutter wreath. Pick up some dollar-store cookie cutters in fun shapes like gingerbread men, candy canes, stars, snowflakes and Christmas trees to make a wreath that showcases your favorite hobby. If you want a minimalist look, use cookie cutters of the same shape and use a clear string to tie them together.

37. DIY Arm Knit Wreath

Cross “learn a new skill” off your new year’s resolution list with this arm knitting wreath project. You can even experiment with the size and color of your yarn to match your home’s theme. Just be ready to proudly tell your friends you made it yourself when they ask where you bought it, because they will.

38. Minimal Geometric Wreath

Add a modern flare to your home with a geometric wreath of triangles, hexagons or squares. You can even weave garland, tinsel or leaves throughout the shapes to tie it into the rest of your Christmas decor.

39. Braided Rope Wreath


If macrame seems too tricky — or you just don’t have time to learn — try your hand at a braided rope wreath. With a similar boho style, this wreath can come together in a snap and will help you update your seasonal decor without devoting much time or effort. To make your braid stand out, consider adding in some decorations to one corner that have a specific holiday theme.

40. Popsicle Snowflake Wreath

Remember playing with popsicle sticks in elementary school? Though it’s probably been a while, this DIY wreath invites you to break them back out and explore your inner child. Use your imagination to create a snowflake that’s as unique as you, and spray paint your completed creation white, silver or black and add a glittery finish before hanging.

41. Felt Wreath

Grab a handful of felt fabric in your favorite colors at your local craft store, and get to work on cutting tiny felt leaves of all sizes. Glue them to the front and sides of a foam wreath base for a softer take on a natural trend. Go with green and brown to mimic nature, or mix it up with blue and white to resemble freshly fallen snow.

42. Mickey Mouse Wreath

If you have Disney-obsessed family members in your home, create a Mickey Mouse wreath to bring a smile to their face. It’s as simple as attaching three garland wreaths together in that traditional Mickey Mouse shape, then adding a Santa hat or bow to finish off the piece.

43. Home For The Holidays Wreath

Bring the Christmas cabin of your dreams to life with a Home for the Holidays wreath. Pick out a house figurine that looks like your home — or the home of your dreams — and secure it to the inside of your wreath. Surround the house with miniature trees and white mesh to mimic snow.

44. Natural Wheat Wreath


Wheat is popping up in home decor trends for a reason — it’s relatively inexpensive and gorgeous. You can bring this trend into the holiday season by gathering bunches of wheat and gluing them to a circular foam frame to hang on your front door (just make sure it’s a covered porch, otherwise hang it inside).

45. Balloon Wreath

Make the season fun with a wreath made out of balloons. Use green and white to recreate a traditional wreath, or opt for brighter colors for a maximalist look. You can even add in leaves or gingerbread men made out of cardboard paper for an extra pop.

46. Reindeer Wreath

Rudolph is without a doubt one of the most popular characters of the season. So the next time you pop in the Christmas classic, get started on this reindeer wreath (complete with a red nose) to get in the spirit. Add in felt ears and glittery antlers to complete your new friend.

47. Wooden Bead Wreath


String wooden beads to a metal hoop for a gorgeous wreath that’s perfect for every room in your home. Pink flowers and silk ribbons bring sophistication to your DIY project, while berries and fairy lights invoke a holiday feel.

48. Christmas Bow Wreath

There’s nothing better than seeing the glisten of bows under the Christmas tree lights. Bring that familiar feeling to every day of the holiday season with a wreath made of Christmas gift bows. The best part — many bows come with peel-and-stick backings to make this DIY project a breeze.

49. The Grinch Stealing Christmas Wreath

Another well-loved Christmas character is the Grinch. Make your own grinch hand using fuzzy green fabric and an old santa hat. Pick a favorite ornament for the grinch to “steal” and surround it with a picture frame or tinsel wreath to create a scene straight out of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

50. Triple Christmas Wreath

Cover your entire front door by connecting three similar-sized wreaths together with any extra ribbon you have lying around the house. Since they aren’t actually touching, you can try out different themes on each wreath. Or to keep things cohesive, consider using the same color ornaments, berries and natural decorations throughout.

Not only are DIY Christmas wreaths fun to make, they are great presents to give out to your friends and family as well! Made a unique wreath that’s not listed here? Let us know what final creation you ended up with down below, or tag us on social media! And if you want to add more color to your Christmas decor this year, consider some of our popular winter floral arrangements to put on your dining room table.