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February 13, 2012

Daffodils – One of the First Flowers of Spring

two feet in shoes on a mat with daffodils

Unfortunately, winter’s not yet over. However, pretty soon an abundance of spring flowers will start to unfurl from the barren ground. There are many varieties of blooms that flower in early spring, but perhaps the most symbolic is the daffodil. Here are a few others you can look forward to seeing, as well as some interesting facts about those unforgettable yellow flowers.


The earliest varieties of crocus, like crocus chrysanthus, crocus sieberi and crocus tommasinianus, bloom through the snow, reports LoveToKnow Garden. These blooms are very small and usually blossom in purple or yellow hues.


These star-shaped flowers feature a multitude of colors and can bloom as early as February, according to Weekend Gardener Monthly Web Magazine. Blue, pink and white varieties all exist and are very easy to grow if you’re looking for something to plant in your garden.

Winter aconite

These flowers aren’t that spectacular when compared to other blooms, but the fact that they provide pops of yellow during early spring when nothing else is thriving may be their finest attribute. The flower, which resembles a buttercup and tends to emit a honeyed fragrance, can bloom as early as January.

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Witch hazel

These shrubs can feature yellow, orange or red flowers, according to LoveToKnow Gardens. Because of this, they make great garden boundaries. Spring snowflakes These white, bell-shaped flowers have three variations, all of which bloom at different times, reports Weekend Gardener. They also feature green spots at the end of each petal and can spring up as early as February.


These flowers come in many varieties and sizes, according to As a symbol of friendship and hope, they’re also one of the first flowers to appear in the spring months. You probably won’t see them popping their heads up through the snow, but as soon as the ground has thawed they tend to be plentiful. These trumpet-shaped blooms are members of the Narcissus family, reports, and originated in Southwest Europe. Today, commercial daffodils are mostly grown in Europe, but they show up in the gardens of people all over the U.S.

Daffodil bulb garden containers on a front porch