30 Christmas Garland Ideas + DIY


Gather your loved ones, pour a glass of cider and get started planning your holiday party because the most wonderful time of the year is here!

There are many cheerful traditions that mark the turn of the holiday season, but it doesn’t truly feel like Christmas until holiday decor makes an appearance. Between twinkling lights, fresh wreaths and Christmas flowers, you’ll surely know when “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” And though we love all decor reminiscent of winter festivities, this season is all about the DIY Christmas garland ideas.


Whether strung through the bannister, hung across the mantle or woven between the Christmas tree branches, there’s no holiday decor item more versatile than the garland. The best part is that creating your own homemade Christmas garland is extremely fun and surprisingly simple.

Follow our Christmas garland letter tutorial below to spell out your holiday cheer. Even if it’s your first time making one, don’t worry: the material list isn’t extensive and the steps are straightforward.

This is one of those Christmas decoration elements that’ll hold your guests’ attention throughout the celebration. Before you roll up your sleeves, take a peek at the materials you’ll need below.

DIY Christmas Garland Materials


  • Vine-Wrapped Wire – You’ll use the wrapped wire to spell out the holiday saying of your choice, then you’ll attach your greenery to it. Naturally wrapped wire will ensure you won’t cut yourself and will make for a more organic look and feel. For this particular garland, we used a 45 ft. roll.

  • Floral Wire – Floral wire will be used to attach both your greenery and flowers to the vine-wrapped wire.

  • Holiday Greenery – You can use any type of greenery to create your garland, although pine needles and Christmas tree foliage work well for the holidays. In this tutorial, we used Australian pine.

  • String – You’ll use string to hang your garland. Consider where you’ll display your finished DIY garland and pick out a color that matches well. Depending on where you’re displaying your garland and for what occasion, you can also opt to use washi tape to stick your garland to the wall, mantle or wherever you’d like. Washi tape is a fun way to add pattern or color to your Christmas display. If you’re looking for a more polished method, nails and a hammer are always an option.

  • Scissors – You’ll need scissors throughout the entire project, so be sure to have some on hand.

Now that you have an idea of the materials you’ll need, read on to find out how to make a full Christmas garland.

DIY Christmas Garland Step-by-Step

Project Time: 1 hour


Step 1: Bend the wire to create a frame that spells out your favorite holiday saying.
We went with, “Tis the Season!” Use your fingers to bend the vine-wrapped wire, but also utilize the scissors where needed. Before you start your project, decide how large you’d like your garland to be. The size of your garland will dictate how large you’ll need to make your letters. For reference, our letters are 8-10 inches high.

Pro Tip: Write out the words on paper and use it as a stencil to guide and bend your wire.


Step 2: Once you’ve molded your wire frame, it’s time to add greenery.
Cut pieces of greenery to fit your molded letters and wrap them around the wire frame. Secure each piece of foliage into place using the floral wire. Be sure to overlap the foliage as much as possible around the corners of each letter so that they look seamless and legible.


Step 3: Create loops using the floral wire and attach them to the tops of your letters.
Attach the floral wire to each letter by twisting the wire to assure that your garland won’t fall. For larger letters like “N” attach two loops so that your letters hang evenly.


Step 4: Now, it’s time to attach your letters to a piece of string or fishing line.
Your string or line should be long enough to feature all of the letters you’ve created. We recommend stringing the line through all of the loops and then cutting it to make sure you’ve got the correct size.


Step 5: How do you hang Christmas garland? Begin by choosing a spot to hang it.
For a quick and cute way to display your garland, use washi tape with a fun pattern. This would be the perfect hanging option for a holiday party or intimate get-together. If you’re looking to create something more sophisticated for Christmas dinner, you can hang your garland using a hammer and nails.


Complete your holiday decor with a Christmas garland DIY that is simple yet elegant and easy to create. If you’re looking for more decor inspiration, take a peek at our collection of indoor and outdoor Christmas garland ideas below. Don’t forget to download, save and share the quick Christmas garland how-to below!


Christmas Garland Ideas

With endless holiday sayings to choose from and a ton of greenery options, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your Christmas decor. No matter how you’re going to celebrate this holiday season, there are a handful of Christmas garland ideas to fit your festivities. To help you complete your Christmas garland display, we’ve created a collection of various garland ideas. Whether you’re interested in elevating your home with glam embellishments or trying the Minimalist decor trend on for size, step up your Christmas decor game with something one-of-a-kind.

Browse the collection below to find traditional, elegant and trendy Christmas garland ideas for your home. One of these Christmas garland ideas is sure to catch your eye and give you inspiration for what to do with Christmas garland this year.

Elegant and Glam Christmas Garland Ideas

When luxurious décor is your style, use these Christmas garland decoration ideas to level-up your home.

  1. Dress up a standing mirror in a bathroom or entryway.

  2. Wrap around a stair bannister to create an elegant and festive look.

  3. Frame a window in your kitchen with a lush green garland to draw guests in.

  4. Weave into light fixtures or chandeliers to add sophistication above your table setting.

  5. Deck a hallway for guests to admire as they walk from room to room.

Materials to try:

  1. Dazzle with ribbon and pearls.

  2. Use lights and ornaments to illuminate your garland.

  3. Add eucalyptus to make your garland unique.


The Pink Dream | Craftberry Bush | Just a Girl

Bohemian Christmas Garland Ideas

If your style is more out of the box, try these eclectic Christmas garland ideas at your next gathering or dinner party.

  1. Weave into a romantic tablescape.

  2. Display on a mantel. Use white space to make your oversized garland the focal piece of the room. Add gold wrapped candles and mirrors for a warm touch.

  3. Weave into a buffet to add sparkle next to the silver dishes and tableware.

  4. Add to an entry table or hutch for a festive greeting to welcome guests.

Materials to try:

  1. String citrus and berries onto a garland for a funky twist.

  2. Add florals to your garland for a softened look.


The Honeybee | Garvin and Co.

Traditional Christmas Garland Ideas

For the classic and timeless decorator, add these garland ideas to make your space feel even more welcoming and charming.

  1. Wrap around pillars to leave a lasting impression on guests arriving to or leaving your home.

  2. Elevate an entryway by framing your front door with festive greenery.

  3. Weave into shelves to add an unexpected pop of color.

  4. Wrap around candles to level-up a centerpiece.

  5. Embellish table settings by wrapping garland around stacked plates.

  6. Top a console table with a classic green garland sprinkled with sparkling fake snow.

  7. Drape across an island to keep the serving area festive as guests pop into the kitchen.

Materials to try:

  1. Adorn with bells, red holly or sprinkle with fake snow for a White Christmas look.

  2. Weave in pinecones and candles.


The Turquoise Home | Just a Girl | Farmhouse by Design

Minimalist Christmas Garland Ideas

For “less is more” practitioners, try these Christmas garland ideas to maximize space and amplify details.

  1. Deck an arched doorway by adding a touch of color and style with garland.

  2. Top a kitchen flume with garland for unexpected charm.

  3. Adorn a bar cart and delight your guests with a festive cocktail hour!

  4. Weave into ladders to add details to your statement decor.

  5. Hang a lush oversized garland on or around a stylish chair.

Materials to try:

  1. Use wooden blocks to DIY a garland.

  2. Use chalkboard paint on wooden garland to write notes to guests.


François et Moi | @StacyRisenmay

Christmas Garland Questions Answered

How do you use garland on a Christmas tree?

If you would like to use garland to decorate your Christmas tree, use any of the materials we have outlined previously! Additional ideas are beads, tinsel, popcorn or gingerbread. Follow the steps below to use garland to decorate your Christmas tree.

  1. What goes on first on a Christmas tree? String the lights onto the tree prior to hanging garland or other decorations.

  2. Use or make 10-12 feet of garland for every foot of your tree. You can use multiple short pieces or one long garland to wrap around the tree.

  3. Starting at the top, drape garland around the tree, creating evenly spaced dips. To create the look you desire, secure sections of garland to branches with wire, ribbon, or wrap them directly around branches.

  4. Garlands can be wrapped horizontally or vertically around your tree. Be creative and try different styles when you decorate!

Interested in how to hang garland around other parts of your home? Learn how to hang garland on mantels and bannisters!

How do you store Christmas garland?

Once Christmas is over we often place decorations in attics or storage for the next year. Follow the tips below to make sure your homemade Christmas garland doesn’t get damaged.

  • Wrap garland around cardboard to limit tangles

  • Use clear resealable bags

  • Shrink wrap your garland

  • Purchase plastic garland containers

  • Separate “soft” decorations like garland from heavier decorations in storage boxes

  • Never stack heavier decorations or boxes on top of lighter containers

Step up your Christmas décor game with something one-of-a-kind and don’t forget to complete the look with a Christmas wreath or Christmas centerpiece to tie everything together. There’s no better way to get in the holiday spirit.

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