National Flower Day acts as a great early spring reminder that there is never a bad time for giving or receiving flowers! This special holiday occurs on March 21 each year, just in time to get your home gardens or flower beds ready for the coming of warm weather. Whether you look forward to a special day to celebrate your year-round love of flowers or you just need an excuse to surprise someone with one of our seasonal spring flower arrangements, National Flower Day is the perfect occasion to lift everyone’s spirits at the end of winter.

What is National Flower Day?

National Flower Day celebrates the colorful blooms and elevating scent of nature’s most vibrant plants. Many people use this day as a reason to send a fun, colorful surprise bouquet to friends or family. Others celebrate their love of flowers by treating themselves to a fresh bloom or filling their homes with the sweet natural aromas of scented candles or flower extracts. You can even find all sorts of inventive ways to work flowers into recipes or special herbal remedies!  

When is National Flower Day Celebrated?

National Flower Day is March 21 every year, just after the first official day of spring. This offers an occasion to look ahead to warmer weather and blossoming plant life by sending flowers or getting a head start on your own garden. Even if you don’t plan to plant your own flowers at home, celebrating the coming renewal and rejuvenation of spring with a special delivery bouquet can be just what many of us need at the end of a cold and dreary winter season! 

How to Celebrate National Flower Day

In addition to their unrivaled natural beauty, flowers can be more expressive than words for many occasions, from conveying passion and romance on anniversaries, to celebrating an achievement or special occasion, to offering warmth and sympathy during a time of loss. There’s no better way to ring in the spring season and National Flower Day with a gorgeous bouquet of tulips. 

If you’re looking for a more inventive way to celebrate National Flower Day, try one of these quick and simple ideas: 

  • Take a relaxing bath infused with natural flower essence like lavender 
  • Plant a small window box of your favorite flowers 
  • Make your own flower-scented lotions with DIY extracts 
  • Accent your wardrobe with flowers for the day 
  • Learn how to incorporate flowers into your favorite dish or recipe 
  • Get some friends together for a special wine and paint night where you attempt to recreate some famous flower-themed works of art 

National Flower Day vs. National Plant a Flower Day 

You don’t even have to wait until late in the month to get started on your home garden. While they sound the same, National Flower Day and National Plant a Flower Day are actually two different holidays in March, each of which involves plant-lovers celebrating the coming of spring. March 12 of every year is National Plant a Flower Day, just over a week before National Flower Day.  

National Plant a Flower Day can be a great time for germinating some flowers indoors and preparing your home gardens for planting once warmer weather comes. Looking for something fun and easy to plant? Marigolds and daffodils are traditional March flowers, both of which can be started in colder weather. (Marigolds are also super easy to plant indoors by a sunny window and then transfer to flower beds in April.) 

Both National Flower Day and Plant a Flower Day are also great opportunities to warm up your green thumb ahead of National Garden Month in April! Learn more about other March holidays, such as International Women’s Day as well!