The Best Houseplants for Every Room


If you’re looking to add a little bit of the outdoors into your home decor, you may be in the market for a few decorative houseplants. Shopping for plants is fun, although with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which greenery is right for you. A well-placed houseplant will not only add life to a space, but also help to purify the air you breathe, creating a healthier home. Talk about a functional decoration, right?

To help you narrow down your selection and consider factors beyond aesthetic, we’ve compiled a list of the best houseplants for every room. Whether you’re searching for greenery for the bedroom or a high-humidity area like the bathroom, you’ll be sure to find something to freshen up your space. Selecting the right houseplant will provide you with specific benefits all while looking stylish and on-trend. Read on to find out which houseplants are best for every room in your home.

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Here’s to healthier home décor!


Since the living room is a well-trafficked area of the house, it’s one of the best places for potted plants that sit on the floor. Floor plants will serve as a fresh focal point for any bare spaces or corners and breathe new life into your living room. The philodendron is a viable and trendy option for these areas. 

If you have shelves in your living area, pick out a few easy-to-care-for shelfie plants like a dracaena. Consider the type of container for appeal, as well as care and light requirements. A trendy container that matches the theme of your living area will elevate your design.


Around the dining room table, feature floor plants like philodendron that strike up conversation with your guests. You may also opt for a tabletop display like a marble queen or golden pothos that fit perfectly on the buffet or serve nicely as a fresh centerpiece.

Consider the amount of light your dining area receives and factor that into your selection as well. A breakfast nook also looks great with a hanging interior plant like a pothos or English ivy.


There’s nothing worse than a sleepless night. One way to ensure better-quality sleep is to fill your room with plants that not only look good, but help improve the air you breathe. With a calming and cleansing effect, you’ll be on your way to a more restful bedroom in no time at all.

Pick plants that are perfectly sized for your dresser or nightstands. If your bedroom feels bare, add a statement floor length plant like a peace lily in a chic woven basket to complement the other decor in the room.


When it comes to the bathroom, pick plants that are fond of high humidity, since showers and low light will be a regular occurrence. Hanging plants or tabletop greenery like a snake plant close to the windowsill are great options for the bathroom area. Plants that prefer tropical environments are always viable options too.

You may also want to consider the houseplants that help purify the air, like peace lily and dracaena, to name a few. Have fun incorporating other décor elements like metal baskets and wood with your bathroom plants. This fresh décor aesthetic will help you create the shower room of your dreams.


When selecting a plant for your workspace, be sure it’s appropriate for your area. You’ll want something that’s low-maintenance since it’ll be all about getting work done in this space. Think easy-to-care for and an option that doesn’t grow too quickly.

Studies show that office plants, promote productivity and help prevent fatigue. So, having a few featured in your home office not only means elevated décor, but more focused work between all the hustle and bustle. Fun fact, the African spear plant is symbolic of wealth and good fortune. So it might make for a nice ornament for your desktop.


Plants with more frequent watering schedules may be a good option for the kitchen since your sink is quick and handy. On the other hand, succulents and other small plants look cute in the windowsill and require little to no care on your end.

If your kitchen features a handful of shelves, try to pick plants like pothos, which have climbing vines. Floor length plants like the trending fiddle leaf fig are also a great addition for bare corners around the eating areas. There’s also no better houseplant for the kitchen than one that will help you cook—think fresh herbs like basil and thyme.

Now that you have some styling inspo, you can find more information on the best houseplants by referencing our guide to poisonous plants. Making a more educated decision on the plants for your home will keep everyone safe and allow you to feel confident in your decisions. We always recommend that when selecting any greenery for your home you carefully review the care requirements and safety precautions.

Enjoy adding a splash of fresh elements to your interior design while creating a healthier home.