15 First Time Dad Gifts

15 First Time Dad Gifts

Becoming a parent is a life-changing, world-shaking, amazing experience and it is something that should be celebrated and congratulated! If someone you love has recently started the journey of fatherhood, make sure to celebrate his new life adventures. There are so many Father’s Day gifts ideas that come to mind when we think of gifts for new dads. Some that we think could come in handy, some that will encourage and support them in their new role, and some that will aid them in being the father they have always hoped to be. Let’s dive in:

New Dad Gift Basket

Okay, let’s be real. One of the biggest changes when it comes to being a new dad is the new sleep schedule to adapt to. They may have been used to going to sleep early and getting a full 8 hours, and now, well, let’s just say they aren’t getting that much sleep anymore. Between nighttime feedings, midnight diaper changes, or early morning crying wake-up calls, having a proper sleep schedule is a thing of the past, and keeping their eyes open during daylight hours is their new task at hand. That’s why every new dad can use a coffee or tea gift basket to help energize them and keep them awake! And with Proflowers’ gift basket delivery, you can rest easy (even though they aren’t resting easy) knowing that they are well taken care of and have the proper fuel to keep going. Plus, it is delivered right to their door for ultimate convenience.

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A Framed Photo

The new dad is going to go from having thousands of pictures of him fishing, hiking, and playing sports, to having a camera roll overflowing with baby pictures. Documenting those precious moments of fatherhood is bound to happen and should be celebrated. And though they have the time to snap those pictures, that doesn’t always mean they have the time to get an image printed or order it to be framed. That’s why getting them a framed photo, or two, of them and their growing family is a great idea. Plus, a framed photo goes nicely next to a fresh flower bouquet. Or if you want to give them a picture frame that keeps on giving, a digital photo frame that can be updated with new pictures every day is the way to go.

Sweet Treats

Every new dad can use some extra sugar in their diet. So, sending some sweet treats their way will give them something to snack on at all times. If you aren’t sure what his sweet tooth is craving, Proflowers has a variety of chocolates, cookies, candy and more; choose a few and see which he enjoys most. 

Savory Snacks

If you want to round out his flavor profile and counterbalance the sweet treats from before, sending savory snacks is the way to go. A charcuterie basket filled with gourmet meats and cheeses, and paired with artisan crackers and nuts, takes snack time to the next level. You can even add in a personalized Father’s Day cutting board; that way, he can enjoy his savory snacks with style.

A Camping Trip

Though a new dad may not want to be away from his new child for too long, getting out and having some adult time will be vital to keeping his mental health on track, and will help to refresh and rejuvenate him. And what better way to do that than with a trip out into the great outdoors? A camp trip is just what he needs to rest and relax. You can give him the trip by watching his new bundle of joy, or you can make sure he has some of the camp essentials he will need to make this trip unforgettable. If he seems to have all he could need for camping, don’t be afraid to have a bright and fragrant bouquet waiting for him when he gets back. It will be a great addition to his space, and will help him to have a little piece of nature with him at home.

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An Office Plant

Heading back into the office and being away from your family isn’t fun for anyone, especially a new dad. But, adding a little life to his space can make it a tad more enjoyable for him to be back at work. Sending a money tree plant directly to his workplace will show him that you support him and want to see him succeed. Money tree plants are meant to be sent when congratulations are in order, and what better life event to congratulate him for, than being a dad? Not only will a plant help to refresh his space and calm him, it will also help to clean the air as he works. Now, we know that giving a new dad a plant can be risky, since he is already in charge of another brand-new life. But, if you also give him an easy watering system, you are ensuring that your gift will last.

Delicious Libations

If the new dad in your life likes to have a drink at the end of the night to wind down, boy do we have the perfect gift in mind. Proflowers’ Do It Yourself Gin Kit is the perfect new dad gift choice. It is a gift that allows him to be hands-on and creative, all while enjoying one of his favorite drinks. He will be able to create gin with different flavors and spices, to make a perfect glass for himself.

Something Quick

Babies come into this world so quickly and unexpectedly, it is hard to always be prepared for it. Yes, the parents usually have 9-10 months to prepare, but they come out on their own timeline. That’s why last minute gifts from Proflowers are the best option when it comes to being on a limited timeline. We have a plethora of stunning bouquets and floral arrangements to choose from, despite a condensed time frame. You will be able to find the perfect floral fit for that momentous first Father’s Day.

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New Electronic Devices

You don’t have to drop serious cash to be able to get an electronic gift for a new dad. There are plenty of electronic items that are affordable, and still extremely useful. Items like new earbuds or headphones, a multi-purpose wallet/case for his phone, or a solar-powered external battery charger that can be taken with him wherever he goes, are all within a good price point. You don’t want to get him something that is just going to gather dust, or cause clutter. You are going to knock it out of the park with these electronic gift ideas because they are useful and practical.


Now, when it comes to books, you can either get him books that are meant to educate him on being a dad, or you can get him books that he can read and share with his little one. Either way, a book is a great gift for a new dad because it will give him the knowledge and know-how to be able to tackle this new chapter in his life! Plus, reading to children is known to enrich their minds and set them up for success later on in life. So, you are not only giving a great gift, but you are giving a gift that keeps on giving. So, encourage him to cozy up near his plants and crack open a good book on his special day.

Tote Bag for Dad Essentials

tote bag is the perfect sized bag for any dad, new or well-seasoned. It is a great way for them to carry around their essentials and make sure they never leave those important items at home. It is also a great alternative to a diaper bag. Though there is no shame in carrying a diaper bag, a tote is just more comfortable and more spacious. With the right size of bag, he will have the space to carry everything needed to take care of his littlest, cutest pal and have some additional space for the items he might need for his day.

Personalized Poster

You know how everyone always says that your world is never the same once you become a parent? Well, they couldn’t be more right. The moment a baby comes out to greet the world, the parents’ lives have been changed forever and will never be the same. A print of the night sky from that exact moment is a great way to commemorate their birth and the life-changing moment it created. And it is subtle enough of a tribute to their fatherhood without being too overwhelming for the space it is in. Plus, neutral prints are a great choice as they will go with any floral arrangement or plant that you put in its general vicinity

Skincare Essentials

Taking the step into fatherhood brings a lot of growth, change, and adapting. And though most of those changes happen internally, external changes will happen too. That might mean your new dad friends might start to develop more wrinkles from smiling at their babies more, dark circles under their eyes from the lack of sleep, and maybe even skin dryness from cleaning up after their little one more frequently. Even though they are busier, that doesn’t mean you have to stand by and watch them not take care of themselves. Take this as a sign to step up and help the new dad in your life take care of their skin. Because with lotions, serums, cleansers, and a variety of other skincare products, they can take their face from aging to ageless. 

Comfy House Outfit

Though new dads would love to be out and about, that isn’t always the reality. More time will be spent indoors until they settle into their new routine, so you might as well help them be as comfortable there as possible. A great start is by sending over a stunning bouquet to brighten up their home. This will help them remember that every day with their new baby is a celebration. And though most celebrations require dressing up, this is one that is ok to dress down for. But just because Dad isn’t dressed to the nines, doesn’t mean he has to look bad. Getting him some new slippers, a cozy robe, or a pajama set will ensure that he finds comfort in his new role as a father.

Help with Dinner

Even if the new dad in your life is the cook in the family, that doesn’t mean he will have the time to get into the kitchen and make those meals they love so much, because time is precious and he wants to spend as much of it as he can with his family. So, take that stress off of him and provide him with a way to feed his family quickly. A meal subscription service takes the guesswork out of what’s for dinner and puts the love back into homemade meals. Plus, that means he and his parenting partner will have real food in their bellies. Because most of the prep work for the meal is done that means they will have time to sit down at the table to eat. And though you might not be there to set the table for them, that doesn’t mean you can’t contribute flowers to their lovely tablescape. 

Final Notes

Don’t be afraid to go for it when it comes to gift giving. As long as it is something from the heart, you can’t go wrong. We hope that you find that perfect first-time Father’s Day gift for the new dad in your life. Proflowers is sending you and your family lots of love (and flowers) this Father’s Day. Enjoy!