Virtual Galentine’s Day Ideas


Are you looking for fun ways to virtually celebrate with the love(s) of your life? We’re talking about Galentine’s Day with your girlfriends, of course! Valentine’s Day has been traditionally reserved for spouses and lovers, but who says that love is only about romance? Your girlfriends have been there for you with their shoulders to cry on throughout relationships, new jobs, moves, bad breakups, marriages, babies, or even as far back as childhood. Those are definitely relationships worth celebrating!

That’s why Galentine’s Day has become such a fun tradition in which to take part with your favorite girlfriends over the past several years. Whether you’re perpetually single or even married with children, sharing that special love between you and your BFF’s is a must this February 14th. Even if you can’t be together in real life due to Covid, the magic of the internet has made it so that you can easily celebrate virtual Galentine’s Day together, while still remaining safely apart.

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How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day During Covid

There are so many fun things to do with your besties on Galentine’s Day, despite Covid trying to steal our joy. Not today! The strength of most girls’ relationships with other ladies is that as long as we are talking with one another, it’s always a party. So gather your favorite group of ladies, share the video chat code, and celebrate together just like you would if you were going out. Make it special by assigning a theme like requiring everyone to dress up in 1920’s glam, 80’s punk, modern formalwear, or even pajamas. It’ll feel more like a party if you’re not just in your everyday leggings. Put up some fun decorations in your home, or at least use a festive screen backdrop so it looks like you decorated. Make sure to have special food and drinks just like any other party. Just because we’re social distancing, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Galentine’s Day during Covid. Remember, your Galentine’s Day party will be as special as you and your best girlfriends make it.

Virtual Galentine’s Day Party Ideas

Once you’ve got your girls together virtually, you’re ready to party! So how do you have a Galentine’s Day party when you’re not actually together? Check out these fun and festive Galentine’s Day party ideas that will make you forget you and your BFFs aren’t in the same room:

Wine Exchange

A wine exchange is a unique way to share different wines while having a girls’ night with your squad. Before Galentine’s Day, each of you will recommend two or more of your favorite wines to the group. Each girl then trades their suggestions with another so everyone now has a list of new wines to try. Purchase the new wines suggested, hop on a video chat with your lady gang, and everyone can give reviews of their wine selections while drinking together. It might even be fun to write little descriptions on each review to see which other wines weren’t on your list that you’d like to sample next time!

Recipe Exchange

This idea is similar to the wine exchange, instead, now we’re substituting recipes. Each member trades their favorite recipe for a zesty appetizer or a sumptuous dessert (or maybe one of each) with another gal to prepare before the party. Once you’re on your video chat, everyone gets to share the new recipe they got, show how it looks, and give a review of how it tastes. This makes it feel more like a real party, since the best part of any party is getting to sample the new treats everyone brings! Now everyone will be able to enjoy someone else’s tasty recipe that you make for yourself. It’s a pandemic-safe way to share a meal together!

Making Cocktails

What Galentine’s Day celebration is complete without cocktails? Making cocktails together is a festive way to bring your virtual party to life. Again, it’s a good idea to do a little online research beforehand simply because you’ll have to make sure your at-home bar is stocked with the necessary ingredients. In this case, everyone can scour the internet for any enticing recipes for a signature cocktail they’d like to make. You can choose to share the recipes and shopping list with your crew ahead of time in case someone sees something they like, or each girl can choose their own. It’s really up to you. Once you’re all on video chat together, each gal can share the recipe and make the cocktail live during the party. It’s like your own Food Network show with your best gal pals!

Play Games

Since the pandemic has been going on for so long, a plethora of online games has popped up that are specifically designed for groups playing together via video chats. You simply download the app or sign up for an account of the chosen game and sign into the session (usually with a code that you and your friends are given), and play just like you’re in person. Many of them are free or offer a free trial. There’s everything available from trivia games, to card games, Pictionary-type games, and more. It’s a lot easier than trying to coordinate which board games everyone has at their respective homes!


Belt out your favorite songs with your girl posse by hosting a virtual karaoke party for your Galentine’s Day celebration. There are several online karaoke platforms similar to the online game sites that give your gal group access to sing-alongs and popular song lists just like you were doing karaoke in a bar. Virtual karaoke might actually be better than going to a bar anyway because there’s no need to worry about stage fright or strangers posting a video of your less-than-Grammy-worthy performance online.

Online Tutorials

Are any of your friends rockstars at doing their makeup or hair? Does anyone have a special skill or talent like knitting or painting to share? Have those talented girls in your group do a tutorial in her specialty for the rest of you to follow along. You can each take turns teaching your special skill and then admire, or laugh at, everyone else’s attempt to copy. You can also spin this activity by simply searching YouTube for tutorials for your desired activity that you can all watch and follow along together to create the same end result.

Book Reviews

If you and your gals want to keep it a little more low-key, think about a book review exchange. Each lady gives a brief summary and review (minus any spoilers) of a great book they’ve read that they think the rest of the group would enjoy. Make sure everyone chooses a different book and perhaps one nobody else in the group has already read. Now everyone will have a stack of great reading recommendations from her favorite gal pals.

Watch a Movie or TV Show

A movie or tv show is always better when watched and discussed with your besties. Pop some popcorn, hop on the video chat, and have everyone cue up the same movie or tv show to watch at the same time. As you’re watching, shout out your comments on hot characters, plot twist predictions, or questions about what’s going on. It’ll be just like you’re all sitting on the couch binge-watching together.

Send Gifts for Galentine’s Day When You’re Apart

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